Meri Brown Snuggles Up With New Man? See Photo

A fan of TLC’s Sister Wives claims they ran into none other than Meri Brown in public recently. Turns out, this fan was in Lehi, UT looking at Christmas lights.

“Meri Brown was in front of my group the whole way,” the fan excitedly shared.

This rare sighting of Meri in public came with another bit of equally good and shocking news. The fan noted it appeared as if Kody Brown was finally in Meri’s rearview mirror.

Turns out, Meri Brown appeared to be on some sort of date. She was viewing Christmas lights with a male companion close by. This excited fan even managed to capture a photo of Meri snuggling up to the mystery man.

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After getting a good look at the photo, the real question fans have is simple: Is it actually Meri Brown in the photo? Scroll down to check out the photo and see what fans are saying about it.

Meri Brown-YouTube
Meri Brown-YouTube

One Sister Wives fan took a screenshot of a post making rounds on Facebook to share it on Reddit. In the original Facebook post, an individual shared they were looking at Christmas lights when they realized Meri Brown was in front of them.

The fan added that Meri was “definitely” over Kody as the mystery man kept her both close and warm the entire time. This fan even snagged a photo of the two snuggled up and added it to the post. Check out what they shared below:


Meri Brown - Sister Wives -
[Source: Reddit & Facebook]

On Reddit, fans are a bit skeptical as to whether it is actually Meri in the photo. Fans, however, do agree it certainly looks like the same man she was spotted grabbing a meal with. They, however, just don’t think it looks like Meri in the photo.

One fan pointed out that her hair was far too smooth. Meri Brown’s hair tended to have significantly more frizz to it. Another fan added they didn’t want to come off as “mean,” but they believed Meri’s legs were a bit thicker than the woman in this photo. Others agreed the body just didn’t look like Meri Brown.

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram
Meri from Sister Wives, TLC
Sourced from Instagram

Interestingly enough, fans hoped they were wrong in doubting it was Meri in the photo. Turns out, fans wanted nothing more than for Meri to move on in the same way Christine Brown has. Sadly, fans watched Meri cling to wanting love and affection from Kody for years. So, there is nothing fans want more than for Meri to find someone who actually wants to be with her.

Unfortunately, this photo makes it incredibly difficult to tell whether it was Meri Brown snuggling up with the mystery man. While fans have doubts, they really do hope it is Meri in the photo.

Meri Brown Instagram
[Source: Instagram]

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