Meri Brown Has a Best Friend Named Jenn Sullivan — And Fans Have a Theory

Because of her Instagram account, 'Sister Wives' fans are learning more about Meri Brown's best friend Jenn Sullivan. What have they figured out?

The cast of the hit TLC series Sister Wives is constantly changing. With Kody Brown, his wife Robyn, his three ex-wives, and their 18 children, the family is growing or shrinking each and every day.

But, there are a few non-family members who also make appearances on the show. One that fans are slowly starting to get to know is Jenn Sullivan. Does Meri Brown’s friend help out the family? Here is everything to know about her.

Jenn Sullivan is a friend of ‘Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown — but is that it?
Meri Brown from 'Sister Wives' and Jenni Sullivan take a selfie together on Instagram on April 1, 2022.

Outside of the popular reality TV show, Meri Brown owns Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Utah. The hotel is managed by her very close friend Jenn Sullivan. So, they are business partners as well as friends. There are rumors about their relationship beyond this, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First, you should know that when they are not working at the inn, Meri and Jenn host a “Fridays With Friends” livestream on Meri’s Instagram account every week to discuss a variety of topics.

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Sometimes, they even share weird stories from the inn, and believe it or not, they are both convinced that the hotel is haunted. Jenn has claimed that the TV flicks on and off without anyone touching a remote. Meri has stated that a ghost is most likely her mother who passed away.

Jenn Sullivan and Meri Brown had a drinking controversy.


Most of the time, the ladeis’ Instagram live sessions are great fun and harmless. But, there was one incident during one of their live streams in April 2023 when the two of them couldn’t stop laughing and mispronouncing the names of fans who tuned in.

Even though they claimed to be just tired, viewers weren’t buying that at all and were starting to get concerned. One person even commented and asked them what they were smoking.

“The two of us aren’t smoking anything. I’ve heard that stuff kills brain cells,” Jenn responded. Meri also clapped back at the fan. Nevertheless, both of them are adults and should be allowed to get tipsy (or engage in legal activities of their choice), even if they aren’t willing to admit it to the public.

Fans believe that Jenn Sullivan and Meri Brown are a couple.

Meri Brown from 'Sister Wives' and Jenni Sullivan take a photo together on Instagram on April 1, 2022.

As fans know, Meri officially separated from Kody for good in January 2023, so she is available to date and start a new relationship. The two haven’t answered the fan theory about a potential romance as of yet. But, someone is bound to ask them about it in their next Instagram livestream. Maybe love is in the air for these two?

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