Kody Wanted Christine and Boyfriend to Live on Coyote Pass

Sister Wives star Kody Brown offers an invitation to Christine Brown and his lack of jealousy when he makes this move is remarkable, but that won’t last long on the TLC series. As Season 18 rolls along, viewers get to see a plan turn into an epic backfire for the man who once had four wives.

Sister Wives:  World According to Kody Brown

Kody Brown lowered the boom on Christine Brown when he told her that he no longer wanted intimacy with her. Viewers were disgusted that he said this to his wife, never mind on national television.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The father of 18 assured Christine Brown that he still loved her. But, she soon found out that it was not in the way she needed. The Sister Wives patriarch made it clear to Christine that he put lovemaking out to pasture between the two of them. But, he also insisted that didn’t mean she should leave the family.

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He then suggested that the fire goes out between married couples all the time. But many still stay together as a family. There was only one problem with this – Christine’s fire still burned. She wasn’t about to put the romance part of her life away forever.

Christine Brown Didn’t Go For Trade-Off

Kody extinguished the last of his burning embers for his third wife. But his flames still roared for his youngest wife, Robyn Brown. Kody explained it’s because Robyn remains loyal to him by letting him be the leader of her family.

After decades of marriage, it hurt Christine that he no longer desired her. So, she made the decision that she wouldn’t stay in a love-less marriage, despite Kody offering a plan. He still wanted her to build and live on Coyote Pass. Fans saw this as a desperate move over the possibility of losing the land due to finances. Christine and her finances would be leaving the plural marriage.

At the time, she broke the news to Kody Brown that she wanted a divorce, she just made up her mind to move to Utah. So, when Christine leaves, so does her share of the Sister Wives proceeds. The same goes for the money from her side gigs, which became lucrative for her. The spouses always combined their money through the years.


And from what Janelle Brown said last week on Sister Wives, it looks as if they still do. She said it was family money that purchased the house Robyn and Kody Brown live in today.

So, fans think Kody wanted to hold on to the funds his third contributed by having her remain in the family. But Christine said she was not about to sit there in a dysfunctional marriage while watching him in a functional marriage in a neighboring home.

Then in Season 17, Kody Brown upped the ante and made her another offer. Even Robyn invited her to do this as well.

Sister Wives: Kody Never Thought She Had a Chance?

Kody Brown treated Christine Brown like she was bluffing at first. He admitted he thought she was playing games about leaving. So, he carried this a little further.

Kody said that he didn’t think Christine would go through with her divorce. So, fans suspect he was still riding high on his ego when thinking that she wouldn’t leave him. This may have prompted Kody to make her this offer.

He presented this in a way where she could have both worlds. But fans think it was so her Sister Wives husband could have both worlds.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Kody Brown suggested she move her boyfriend into Coyote Pass. But he also tossed in the disclaimer that she would need to marry him first. Even Robyn Brown suggested that Christine live on Coyote Pass while dating other men.

Fans believe Kody made the offer for Christine to marry and live on Coyote Pass because he never thought she’d find another guy. So after hearing Kody’s offer, fans thought it was a ploy to get her to stay.

Kody sounded like he didn’t expect her to find another man. He said that if a potential suitor watched her in action on the Sister Wives show, they would see how she treated her husband. He believed this would make any future partner change their mind.

Still, if he could keep her there, fans are quick to point out that he also keeps her finances in the family’s cookie jar.

Christine Proves Him Wrong

But Christine did leave, and she’s about to marry David Woolley in about six weeks. The last place Christine Brown would likely want to live is on Coyote Pass or anywhere near her ex-husband.

So, for the fans, it looked like Kody Brown never imagined that Christine Brown would find a new man. At the time, viewers of this TLC show suggested that Kody Brown talked big. But only because he thought he’d never see the day Christine Brown found someone other than him. Not only did she find a new love, but she became engaged rather quickly. And it all happened far away from Coyote Pass.

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