Kody & Robyn Brown Busy Hiding Assets From Ex-Wives?

Sister Wives fans don’t trust Kody and Robyn Brown as far as they throw them, so they wonder if the couple are hiding their assets from the ex-wives. Of course, TLC viewers wonder if Meri’s assets were pre-planned to disappear way back during the divorce proceedings. As the couple seems to spend a lot of money, is that to prevent needing to pay any money back to Meri and Janelle who funded much of their lifestyle?

Sister Wives Kody And Robyn Brown Are Spending Money

Recently, Mykleti Brown Padron, the daughter of Janelle mentioned the artwork that her dad purchased as an investment. As he owns some pictures by Vladimir Kush, it is not really an investment. For a start, they seem to be signed replicas, and they devalue. So, unless he purchased originals, he probably wasted his money.

Kody and Robyn Brown live in her mansion, and that cost a lot of money. Mind you, Janelle helped to fund that. Will she ever get her money back? TLC fans think that she and Meri should get ahold of a good lawyer and financial experts. Of course, there is also the never-ending Coyote Pass problem and the lack of development. Perhaps instead of spending money on artwork, the couple should be paying off their debts on the land.


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Kody And Robyn Brown Are Hiding Assets?

On Reddit, some Sister Wives fans started discussing whether assets are being hidden from the other wives because the now-monogamous couple spends money. For a start, the new wedding rings probably didn’t come out of a black market Kinder Joy egg. An OP raised the subject of hiding assets. Their post suggested that perhaps the couple spend money so that if Meri and Janelle want to fight for their money they can claim they have none.

Sister Wives Kody And Robyn Brown Busy Hiding Assets From Ex-Wives - TLC
Sister Wives Kody And Robyn Brown  – TLC
  • Kody and Robyn are saying “we already spent the money that we owe you.” LOL …
  • …Kody told Janelle there was no money for her because everything was in their belongings. If they do have money or appear to have money, they can also pay Janelle back, or part of it. But instead, they just keep buying things for themselves.
  • What I wouldn’t give for TLC to spend an hour just going through their finances. I think it would clear up so much. Like, when did this nonsense spending ramp up? It seems to be after they were spread apart in Flagstaff, and especially during covid, where it was harder for any of the OG3 to look at the McMansion and say “hey, is that a new [fill-in-the-blank]?” and really notice how much K&R had been spending.

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