Kody Brown Calls Kids with Janelle Brown the ‘Source of My Pain’ amid Estrangement

In their own confessional, the kids open up about feeling 'neglected and overlooked'

The emotional fallout from Kody Brown and Janelle Brown’s pre-holiday blowout continued into Christmas.

In the latest episode of Sister Wives on Sunday, Janelle, 54, reveals Kody, 54, did not reach out to their kids at all during Christmastime. She can be seen forging ahead with the holiday and cooking with son Gabe, 21, who later appears in a confessional with Savanah, 18, and Garrison, 24, to open up about their relationship with their dad.

“The last two years have been really hard,” he acknowledges.

“We were one big family and now we’re kind of separate,” Savanah notes.

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“I am glad to maintain a pretty happy relationship with a lot of my family. I can’t help but feel like we’ve kept the door open when some haven’t,” Gabe says.

“We’ve reached out and tried to be open and have been neglected and overlooked for offenses that were believed to have happened but they never did,” Garrison shares.

Kody Brown Calls Kids with Janelle Brown the 'Source of My Pain'
Kody Brown and Janelle’s kids.TLC

Kody — who also shares Hunter, 25, Madison, 27 and Logan, 29, with Janelle — refuted the idea that the kids tried to make things right in his own confessional, saying, “The idea they wanted to connect with Robyn and our kids or Robyn and I rejecting them is not true.”

“I have reached out, only to get rejection. They’re not being fair,” he adds.

Later, Janelle shared her feelings on the situation in a confessional, saying, “I feel overwhelming relief, but there is a little bit of a sadness that Kody is not showing up for his kids.”

“For the last 30 years I’ve celebrated Christmas as a family. This feels good, this feels peaceful, this feels joyful. I kind of told the kids their dad and I had a bad fight that we’re probably not coming back from,” she explains.

“My kids weren’t surprised. They’ve observed our relationship for several years and thought maybe it was time to find something different, find something better.”

Janelle Brown and Cody Brown Reunite for First Time at Daughter Savannah's Graduation
Janelle Brown with some of her kids.INSTAGRAM/JANELLEBROWN117

“I thought the Christmas we did with just mom and just mom’s kid was very quiet, but honestly, in my opinion, it was kind of pleasant,” Savanah says.

“I went into it thinking it would be a little bit hard to swallow, that nobody was there, but I actually found myself enjoying it a lot,” Gabriel adds.

He later notes, “I feel like dad didn’t make enough effort this year and maybe Robyn too. I definitely feel not necessarily slighted by them but absolutely neglected.”

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