Janelle’s 100-Lb. Weight Loss Is Changing Her (She’s A Whole New Woman)

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown lost 100 pounds. Her leaner figure may be impacting her personality and choices. She's really coming out of her shell.

  •  Janelle Brown has undergone a significant weight loss transformation, and is embracing her new life (and strong sense of self) on Instagram.
  •  Janelle’s expressing her true feelings towards Kody, revealing how his actions have hurt her in recent years.
  •  Despite the challenges she’s faced, Janelle’s finding peace and happiness in her life. She has her children, and gets so much love from fans.

Sister Wives season 18 star Janelle Brown’s proud of her 100-lb. weight loss, and she seems like a whole new woman on Instagram. In the ongoing installment, she and Kody are at war, and Janelle seems tired, depressed, and out of sorts. However, IRL, she’s glowing. Sometimes, change is hard, but it can be worth it. Offscreen, as almost everyone knows (SPOILER ALERT), Janelle left Kody Brown, just like Christine and Meri Brown did. Onscreen, the drama’s still playing out. Everything that Janelle went through with Kody surely took a toll, but as her latest social media posts prove, she’s been able to move on.

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Janelle’s Showing Off A Sunnier Personality On Instagram

Janelle’s radiant on Instagram, rather than hiding behind filters. The reality TV show celeb is who she is, and she seems perfectly content with who she is now. Judging by the peaceful expression in the photo above, she’s on top of the world. Sometimes, when people move on from what’s hurt them, they gain the kind of serenity that’s priceless. It’s worth more than reality fame. However, Janelle will always be a star, Kody or no Kody.

Janelle’s coming out of the shadows. The storm clouds have cleared, and it’s clear blue sky. Now, unburdened by Kody’s drama, she can soar. Seeing her at peace is truly beautiful. Love is all around her – she has her children, who are on her side, and Christine Brown’s friendship, which adds so much joy and meaning to her life.

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Right now, Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown’s single, and because she loves Kody (she recently confessed onscreen that she misses him while she’s lying in bed), she’s really been through the wringer. Every divorce, spiritual union or not, means pain. Janelle’s had her fair share, but she’s worked on her health. Now that she’s fit and fabulous, she primed to make the most of her new life. Even if she doesn’t find Mr. Right, she can always focus on the positive. Life is filled with possibilities.

While Janelle’s said she has money woes, her supporters are on her side, and will hopefully help her to earn money as an influencer. She’s on Cameo, and fans can order personalized videos from her there. On the post shown above, a loyal fan gave her love. They said, “The women looks soo beautiful after her split from Cody. Watching her and Christine is like looking at two caterpillars turn into butterflies.” The cherry on top was a trio of heart emojis.

Janelle’s Embracing Vulnerablity & Winning Hearts

Janelle doesn’t pretend it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but her mindset is appealing. She’s realistic but hopeful. On Instagram, post-weight loss, Janelle’s showing the most valuable kind of confidence…the courage to be her authentic self. With her one million IG followers, she’s sharing the good and bad, without shame. That’s the way it should be. It’s not her fault things didn’t work out with Kody. She tried her best.

How Did Janelle Brown Lose 100 Pounds?

Montage of Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown and Kody Brown

Janelle lost a lot of weight, and she’s discussed some things that she did to slim down. Of course, the passionate Plexus spokeswoman credits the company’s notorious “pink drinks.” However, since she makes money from her association with Plexus, and the company received an FTC warning, it’s possible that those rosy beverages weren’t her only weight loss tactic. She’s been shown preparing heathy meals, such as pizzas with cauliflower crusts.

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