Janelle Snaps At Filming Crew, Takes Out Her Anger On Production Team!

Janelle Brown traveled down a bumpy road ahead of making the decision to withdraw from her polygamous relationship with Kody Brown. One of the explosive fights that resulted in the end of their bond was featured in the latest episode of Sister Wives. The messy argument included everything from yelling, cursing, and walking out in the middle of the conversation. Additionally, Janelle was also seen snapping at the production crew. Read further to know why a tense conversation made her tell the filming crew to turn off the cameras!

Why Did Janelle Take Out Her Anger On The Production Team?

Sister Wives has been treating its fans with a brand-new episode every Sunday. The latest episode featured a heated argument between Janelle and her then-husband, Kody Brown. During the conversation, Janelle and Kody sat on a sofa in Arizona. She confessed that she feels being gaslit constantly. He soon interrupted by stating that everyone in their family considered him a bad guy.

Kody then accused her of not following the rules and taking responsibility. This made Janelle reach her boiling point when she yelled, ‘Shut your f—king mouth,’ and insisted him to listen to her. The Brown family patriarch then denied it and started to put his jacket on. Kody even blamed her for all the wrong happening in their family, followed by questioning their partnership.

Sister Wives

Then, Kody Brown began lashing out and decided to leave the room when she grabbed his jacket. She told him to complete the conversation. He then responded that he would not listen to her, for she was not ready to listen, and went out of the room. Then, Janelle yelled, ‘F—k you,’ followed by telling the production to turn off their cameras. In the heat of the moment, she yelled at the crew. Many of the viewers felt that she took out her anger for Kody on people around her. However, others understood Janelle’s feelings.

People pointed out that it can be really annoying when you have cameras shoved in your face while you’re in your most vulnerable situation. One of the internet users penned that Kody himself never takes responsibility. He even accused Christine earlier, and now the blame has shifted to Janelle. Another viewer accused him of always storming at someone or the other. Others advised Janelle to find a new man for her. They added that they were ‘rooting’ for her. Similarly, many Sister Wives fans supported her and called out Kody Brown for his actions.

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Sister Wives: Can This Be The Last Season?

Now Sister Wives has drifted apart from its motive of showing the positives of the polygamous family because Kody is left with only one wife, Robyn. A source revealed to TheSun

that the network had premiered Christine’s spinoff, Cooking With Just Christine, on YouTube on the same date as Season 18. They added that it is an experiment to evaluate if fans are more interested in the spinoff featuring Christine and Janelle or the show. If fans appear to like the spinoff more, then it could be the last airing season.



The source even added that Kody himself could save his family reality show by finding a new wife, or else the network will soon air more spinoffs. What do you think has more chance of being aired soon, another season or the spinoff? Comment down below. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for the latest Sister Wives tea!

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