Janelle & Meri Were Related Before Becoming SISTER WIVES!

Since Sister Wives premiered on TLC almost a decade ago, fans got familiar with Kody Brown and his four spouses. After being in a polygamous marriage for a long time, viewers began to see the cracks in their bond in the last few seasons. Things are not the same anymore, as Kody and Robyn are the only ones together now.

Apart from this, other Sister Wives also had issues with one another and didn’t get along that well. But fans may be surprised to know that some of them already were related to one another before joining the Brown family. Well, it’s none other than Janelle and Meri. Apparently, the former was married to the latter’s brother.

Sister Wives: All About Janelle Brown’s First Marriage To Meri’s Brother!

Even after more than a decade of Sister Wives airing on TV, there is so much more to the family that the cameras don’t get to capture. For instance, many of the castmates were related to one another even before joining the plural family. Janelle opened up about her life before Kody in her memoir, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” It came out in 2013.

It turns out that Janelle Brown earlier tied the knot in 1988. But they split only after two years. She liked a boy, Adam Barber, whom she met by the time her high school came to an end. Alas, he wasn’t a Mormon. This meant that Janelle and he couldn’t have been together unless he converted.

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Sister Wives

While Adam Barber’s family practiced polygamy, his faith wasn’t strong. Yet, Janelle and Adam courted after he converted. But, he refused to commit to the fundamentalism even after the marriage. While he and Janelle split after 2 years, he had moved out of their house merely six months after tying the knot.

Well, it turns out that Adam is none other than Meri Brown’s brother. This means she and Janelle were sisters-in-law before they became Sister Wives. However, none of them have discussed the earlier dynamics of their bond on the show.

Sister Wives: Janelle & Kody Are Siblings! Still Married One Another?

Fans must have a brief idea by now how complicated the Brown family tree is. It is quite common in Mormon communities in Utah to be related to one another owing to their practice of polygamy and big families. Well, one such revelation also happened for Kody and Janelle.

As both of them are Mormons, Kody’s father also practiced polygamy. Well, the same was the case with Janelle’s mother. So, there was a time when the TV star’s father married his second wife’s mother. Granted, it wasn’t their first marriage. It still means Kody and Janelle were step-siblings at one point.

sister WIves

Apparently, Janelle was the one who introduced her mother, Sheryl, to Kody’s dad, William Winn Brown, and they tied the knot. Hence, Kody’s stepmother also ended up becoming her mother in law eventually. A segment in the show talked about Janelle’s mother’s passing. Hence, it was a deep blow for Kody.

That’s because Kody already had a history with Janelle’s mom as his stepmother. The former has admitted that his family has been complicated.

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