Hunter Brown Seen At Kody & Robyn’s Amid Janelle Split?

The lines of communication appear to be open between Hunter, Kody, and Robyn Brown. Turns out, Janelle Brown’s son Hunter was spotted (and photographed) at Robyn and Kody’s house recently. Naturally, this sighting has fans of TLC’s Sister Wives scratching their heads. It wasn’t a holiday. So, what brought Hunter to Robyn and Kody? Moreover, did this mean the dust was startling to settle between Kody and Jenelle’s sons? Keep reading for the details and to see the photo confirming Hunter was at Kody and Robyn’s house.

Hunter Brown Seen At Kody & Robyn’s Amid Janelle Split?

A photo of Kody Brown and Robyn’s house is making rounds on social media. The photo reveals that Hunter Brown’s vehicle is parked in front of the house. The individual who originally shared the photo explained they recently took a trip to Flagstaff.

And, as a Sister Wives fan, they could not go to Flagstaff without taking a photo of a real Sister Wives house. So, they took a quick detour and took a few photos of Robyn and Kody Brown’s house.

Kody Brown and Breanna Brown from Robyn Brown's Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown and Breanna Brown from Robyn Brown’s Instagram
Sister Wives, TLC

The individual who shared the photo was surprised by what they saw while they were there. None other than Hunter Brown whipped around the circular driveway in a gray pickup. It appeared as if Hunter had one of his sisters in the vehicle with him. The OP suspected he was driving his sister to school.

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Check out the photo the individual shared as they told their story below:

Sister Wives - Facebook
Sister Wives – Facebook

Neglecting The Property?

The individual who shared the photo noted the home sits on a large hill surrounded by trees and overlooking a beautiful property. It, however, appeared as if Kody and Robyn Brown had been neglecting clean-up duty around the outside of the home. The OP did not clarify if it was the landscaping that was unkempt or if there was trash the TLC couple needed to tend to.

Sister Wives Fans Surprised To See Hunter Brown

As fans know, Janelle and Kody Brown are not together. In fact, Robyn Brown is Kody’s only wife left standing. With the exception of Mykelti Padron, most of Kody’s adult children have drawn lines in the sand. And, they seem to be choosing their mothers in these splits. This was especially true of most of Jenelle’s boys who had serious beef with their father Kody. Hunter, however, was one of their older children and was not part of the pandemic drama.

Hunter, however, did move away from the family and didn’t have much to do with the TLC series. So, fans are a bit baffled as to why he would be at Kody and Robyn’s house right now.

What do you think brought Hunter Brown to Robyn and Kody’s house? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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