Christine & Janelle Brown Open Up About Deep Attraction For Kody

Sister Wives fans watched the disintegration of Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine Brown over three seasons. However, the deep problems between Janelle and her estranged husband only really surfaced during the covid years. Despite their destroyed relationships, both TLC stars still speak fondly of their deep attraction for Kody

Sister Wives Christine And Janelle Brown Lost Kody

You might argue that Kody chased his wives away. Or, perhaps Robyn Brown really came into the marriage with designs to keep him all to herself. However, it seems that Win Brown’s son wasn’t cut out for polygamy. Interestingly, he claimed that his dad, who entered polygamy late in life, struggled with multiple wives. Now that three of his marriages failed, he seems to have discovered that it’s no easy task taking on multiple wives.

The Sister Wives show grew more toxic, and initially, fans felt that Robyn Brown pushed Meri out. However, it became clear that things were not rosy with Christine for a long time. Meanwhile, Janelle seemed to have spiritually married Kody because she wanted the independence of not having a man in her hands 24/7. Her relationship only crumbled into dust after he clashed with his sons, Garrison and Gabriel


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Sister Wives Christine Brown Got Serious Hots For  Kody Brown

Christine was very young when she started dating Kody. At just 18, she fell for him, and he seemed to have it all. Good looks, great fun, and ambition seemed to lure her into his life. Does she regret her attraction? Well in a teaser for the TLC show posted on Instagram, she explained that she fell in love and she knew it was meant to be. However, she also added, “When it was time to go, it was time to go.”

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Kody Brown Janelle brown TLC Instagram
Sister Wives – Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown – TLC Instagram

Kody Brown Changed

It was Meri Brown who confessed in Sason 10 of Sister Wives, that Kody changed. She said in a confessional that he’s not the “happy-go-lucky” person that she fell in love with. Central to the family dynamic is the fact that Robyn also looked and saw what she liked. After her arrival, the other wives seemed less important to Kody Brown. In her, he found a fertile female, ready to put him front and center.

The various scenes on the TLC show seemed to reveal that he was a nice guy until the fourth wife intruded. Meri couldn’t breed babies, Christine Brown was jealous, and Janelle was always a friend. Perhaps he found everything in one wife, and that’s why he recently admitted to no longer wanting to be a polygamist. Toss that in the too-hard basket!

Are you surprised that Janelle Brown and Christine seemed to have a deep affection for Kody before TV fame? What changed him from a sparky personality into a grumpy old bear? Was it the arrival of Robyn? Might it be because polygamy takes a lot of hard work?  Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news from TLC.

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