Christine Brown Hired A ‘Match Maker’ To Find Her A Man, Before David Entered Her Life

Sister Wives star Christine Brown currently has been preparing to walk down the aisle with her newfound love, David Woolley. They have been gushing over each other for a while now, and viewers aren’t getting enough of them. Apparently, fans feel that the celeb has finally found her “soulmate”.

Christine is getting all the love and respect that she deserves. But it seems that before finding David, she had to go through a lot. Recently, Brown revealed that she actually consulted a “matchmaker” before she found and fell in love with her fiance! Is this true?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Consulted A Match Maker Before She Found David Woolley

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been really open about her feelings for David Woolley. She often talks about her love for the latter. The celeb admitted that she has found her “soulmate” and was really happy with her life now.

But it seems that finding David wasn’t an easy task for Christine. Apparently, Season 18 is currently featuring the time when she was on the verge of getting back into the dating realm after she parted ways with Kody.

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In a sneak peek from the upcoming episode, Christine’s daughter Mykelti and viewers were in shock to learn that the noted celeb was seeking professional help in finding love! Christine was chatting with Mykelti when she revealed that she was finding love again.


She confessed that she was talking to a “matchmaker” now. The Sister Wives star kid was in disbelief as she perhaps wasn’t expecting that her mother would ask a professional to find love after her divorce. Mykelti wondered and asked, “Like the professional kind?.”

Christine was honest in admitting that she was consulting a “professional” matchmaker. In another clip, she was in self-doubt and was worried about her intimacy skills. She admitted to the cameras that she wondered if she would “suck” at kissing now!

Sister Wives: Did Christine And David Meet Via A MatchMaker?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been enjoying watching Season 18 with David Woolley. They both sit together and watch the explosive drama that the current edition is airing these days. Recently, she posted a wholesome picture with her beau.

Christine revealed that while she was watching her family show, she ironically saw the advertisement of the site on which she initially met David. Yes, this lovey-dovey couple didn’t meet via any matchmaker! Instead, they found each other online and started dating via virtual means!

Sister Wives

In a recent post, Christine revealed that she met David on a site named site. She wrote in her caption that the platform was advertising during a commercial break of her family show. As per the reports, this is basically a dating site for single parents who are finding love again.

Hence, it seems that David and Christine were well aware of each other’s background before they initially started to talk. Though the timeline isn’t clear, Christine spoke about her “online dating” in January 2023. So, viewers feel that she would perhaps have been dating in late 2022!

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