Christine Brown Explains David’s Reaction To Accepting Janelle

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has a complex family and David Woolley reacted when she first explained it all to her now-fiance. Of course, she had to tell him about her life with Kody, her kids, and all the complexities that go with polygamy. Now, she opened up and explained what he said and how he dealt with her history.

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When Kody’s ex left him, she didn’t hang about when it came to dating other men. On social media, she asked for advice about it. Bear in mind, that she never really dated much before she hooked up with her polygamous husband. Well, it turned out that she actually met David via Did she have her heart in her throat when the time came to reveal her past life? After all, how many guys would react well to a woman with six kids and a pile of sister wives in her life?

Fortunately, Christine Brown didn’t have to explain about polygamy. After all, David’s dad converted to the Mormon church years before. While he isn’t from a  polygamous family, David had eight kids with his former wife, Margaret. So, he understood what it’s like to have a lot of kids around. Actually, some of his kids recently appeared in a photo with Gwendlyn, Mykeltii, Aspyn, and Ysabel.


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Sister Wives Christine Brown Tells David Woolley About Her Complex Family

Sister Wives fans slowly get to know David Woolley but mainly through social media. At the moment, they’ve yet to meet him on the TLC show. Of course, everyone who watched the show can’t wait to see if a wedding special comes out. Hints and spoilers suggest that they tie the knot later this month. Expect Janelle Brown and all of her children to be there, but most likely, Meri, Robyn, and Kody won’t get an invite.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown’s Family With David Woolley – Instagram

How Did David React?

Christine Brown also mentioned how she raised six kids with Sister Wives patriarch, Kody Brown. The outlet cited her as saying that her new guy wasn’t freaked out at all.  In fact, he already knew some polygamous people. So he just said, “…Okay. Okay.” Chilled, he had no problem with any of the complex family issues.

Are you happy to see that David Woolley seemed to totally accept the complexities in the family of  Christine Brown? Do you hope to see David, his family, Janelle Brown with her kids, and Christine’s kids all getting together? Let us know in the comments below.

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