8 Ways Robyn Turned Kody Into A Monster (She’s A Villain Too)

Sister Wives' Robyn Brown's a bad influence on Kody Brown. She's twisted his mind and taken away his moral compass. Is Kody just a monster now?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown’s the power behind the throne, and like Lady MacBeth, she’s goaded her husband Kody Brown into committing evil deeds. In fact, it could be argued that Robyn’s twisted Kody’s mind, turning him into a monster. These days, he’s really unraveling, and some of the things he’s saying about his wives are untrue and offensive. He’s blaming everyone but Robyn for problems that she helped him to create. Kody’s living in some upside-down world, where black is white, day is night, and the truth is constantly denied. In this “opposite world,” Robyn always pulls the strings.

Sister Wives season 18 has brought out the absolute worst in Kody. This time around, the uber-patriarch’s being shown in a harsh and unforgiving light. Robyn’s not exactly shining, either. These two villains are spouting the type of “doublespeak” that George Orwell talked about in 1984. By consistently denying reality, the “united front” that is Robyn and Kody attempt to brainwash viewers and their own relatives. They fail to acknowledge the fact that they’ve brought down the Brown family, just like a hunter would bring down a deer with a well-timed gunshot.

8Kody’s A Monster Because He’s Weak

Sister Wives Kody and Ex-Wives montage kody brown looking angry

Well, she could’ve been a killer if she didn’t walk the way she do/And she do

She opened strange doors that we’d never close again

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– Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) – David Bowie

Monsters can be creatures or human beings. In cinema, a monster might raze the landscape like Godzilla, or crawl out of a swamp like The Creature From The Black Lagoon. Then, there are human monsters, in fiction and real life. A fictional example would be Dr. Jekyll (who morphed into Mr. Hyde). In real life, there’s a white collar criminal like Bernie Madoff, who scammed people out of their hard-earned savings.

Some monsters aren’t as grandiose. While Kody’s known for his melodramatic analogies (“The fire is on the bridge!”) and inflated ego, he’s a low-key monster. He does damage mostly due to his weaknesses. It’s not hard to guess his biggest weakness. Yes, it’s Sobbin’ Robyn. Sister Wives‘ Robyn Brown is Kody’s Kryptonite.

Kody’s still fascinated by Robyn after all these years. However, her powerful infuence on her weak-minded mate has led to disaster. In David Bowie’s Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), the late and great musician sings, “She opened strange doors that we’d never close again.” When Robyn walked into Kody’s life, nothing was ever the same. Rather than do what was difficult but honorable (i.e. walk away from Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown), Kody continued to pretend that he was emotionally invested in his relationships with his other wives. When all that began, the monster was born.

That weakness brings the family to where it is now in Sister Wives season 18. Most of the Browns are miserable, including Kody and Robyn. Only Christine’s at peace, and even she gets thrown off balance now and then. While she’s happy, she’s still angry at Kody. He’s ignoring some kids and spoiling others. He’s in love with Robyn but trying to con Janelle. He’s a mess…a monstrous mess.

In the Bowie song, David says that monsters keep him “running scared.” Kody’s done some damage, leaving Christine, Janelle and Meri with some very real fears. Christine’s brave, but it must have been scary to leave the family the way she did. At the time, she had no other man to run to. Janelle’s afraid of poverty. Meri’s scared of not mattering to anyone.

While he’s a comedic monster in many ways, (like Sully from Monsters Inc., for example, or Shrek), these fears he’s left the three women with are no joke. Why doesn’t he understand what he’s done? Well, Robyn keeps him hypnotized. She plays along with the narrative that keeps whatever’s left of his self-esteem intact. Robyn’s a big part of the problem. Her thoughts and feelings shape Kody’s personality, warping it.

7Kody’s Meaner Than He Thinks He Is

Kody and robyn from Sister Wives

Robyn’s exasperated by Kody’s mood swings and general irritability in season 18, but she still coddles him. Robyn didn’t become the last wife standing because she doesn’t know how to play Kody. She understands that he needs gentle handling. If his other wives really wanted things to last, they would have taken a page from her book. They could have boosted their overt feminity, and played damsels in distress now and then. Kody responds to a “fairytale” type of women, who’s more apt to cry helplessly than get riled up. That’s why he was such a poor match for the fiery Christine.

However, even if they tried their hardest, the other women probably couldn’t outfox Robyn. She’s simply too canny. Robyn sees their moves far ahead of time, as they slide across the board like pawns. Offscreen, Robyn’s made it clear that she wants monogamy. For seasons now, on the show, she’s probably wanted that. Now, she has it.

Of course, she’d coddle Kody when he’s mean to his other wives (and ex Christine). That helps to really draw a line in the sand. It creates the kind of bad blood that’s so hard to come back from. Robyn wants checkmate, not stalemate. IRL, she got her wish.

6Kody Is Ignoring Some Of His Kids
Sister Wives' Kody & Janelle Brown looking upset

Janelle’s kids are so over Kody’s favoritism. In season 18, they’ve been sounding off about the way that he ignores them. Poor Savanah Brown didn’t even get a Christmas gift from her own father! Of course, Robyn’s right there, causing trouble, and then claiming that she has no control over events. While Gabriel, Savanah and Garrison Brown have all called Kody out for keeping his distance, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Robyn’s been intensiying the discord.

A now-notorious text chain about the family’s holiday plans (there was an attempt to organize a gift exchange) ended with Robyn signing off. She checked out emotionally, citing the “futility” of the enterprise. However, behind the scenes, as per the latest Sister Wives episode, Robyn was making sure that Kody wouldn’t spend quality time with his older sons during Christmas. She felt that Kody and his male kids would clash, ruining the holiday.

If Robyn really loved Kody, she’d want him to get along with his own children, even if she’s not their mother. Robyn may care for Kody, but her machinations, whereby she separated him from his boys during the winter holidays (which he went along with like a docile sheep in the herd) tell a disturbing story. Robyn’s wearing the pants in the marriage – she’s in control. By following her orders, Kody’s coming off like the worst sort of scumbag. Is that really what he wants?

5Kody Wasn’t At The Hospital For Ysabel Brown’s Scoliosis Surgery

Ysabel and Kody from Sister Wives

If Ysabel was Robyn’s daughter, there’s a 100 percent chance that Kody would have attended her scoliosis surgery, even if the hospital was in Timbuktu. Pandemic or no pandemic, he would be there. However, when it came to Ysabel, Kody was reluctant to break his stringent COVID-19 rules. His daughter needed him. She wanted him there, as she sought out help for a painful condition that was making her life miserable. Only Christine, Ysabel’s mother, came through for her child.

While strict COVID rules aren’t a bad thing, in this case, there had to be another way. Ysabel is his baby, and she was going under the knife. He could have been extra careful, donning the most protective gear around. Christine managed to make it in and out of the healthcare facility without getting infected, or infecting anyone else. She knew that her child shouldn’t go through that ordeal alone.

Did Robyn play a part in all this? She was extremely paranoid about protecting her children from the coronavirus. As she separated sons from their father, did she encourage Kody to let her daughter down? Suffice it to say that there isn’t much that Kody decides that his wife hasn’t already decided.

To be a monster, Kody doesn’t need a monster’s accessories, from Dracula’s fangs to Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask and beyond. All he needs is to show a child that he seemingly doesn’t care enough. And that’s just what he’s done.

4Kody Made Christine Hate Him

Kody and Christine from Sister Wives, looking angry

When it comes to marriage, sexless and loveless isn’t exactly the ideal, but that’s what Christine got. While she’s an attractive woman who’s vibrant and charming, Kody made a point of giving her his love and then taking it away. Christine, stung by his preference for Robyn, became one sad and jealous woman. In fact, she said on Sister Wives that she would have rejected Robyn’s attempts to befriend her, no matter what. However, before that, she stated that Robyn was just insincere. Christine believed that Robyn didn’t have the best interests of the Brown family at heart because she monopolized Kody’s time.

Kody and Robyn are playing a dumb game in season 18. They’re pretending they weren’t inseparable for years, when everyone knows that isn’t the case. To truly help her husband, Robyn should acknowledge what’s real, but she never does. She’d rather watch Kody get dragged through the mud over and over again. Robyn’s oblique methods just lead to heartache. By never telling the truth, she encourages her husband to lie too. The other possibility is that he wants to lie, and she goes along with it. Either way, they don’t come off well.

3Kody Doesn’t Seem To Care That Janelle’s Broke

Montage of Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown and Kody Brown

Janelle’s hasn’t been living really well in season 18, She’s in a cramped Flagstaff rental, while Kody rules the roost in a fancy home with plenty of space and tons of amenities. When the Battle of Coyote Pass ended in tears, with the Utopian ideal unachieved, Janelle said that she was in debt. She’d sunk savings into the doomed project, and also taken out a mortgage. Maybe that’s why she was camping out at Coyote Pass in an RV. Maybe she wasn’t feeling hippie vibes, or having a midlife crisis. Was it money problems that made her squat on the undeveloped land?

Class act Kody got huffy when she opened up about her money woes. He said that she has the same “assets” as everyone else in the family. Is he calling the woman he used as a sounding board for years a liar? What if she’s telling the truth? She doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a dishonest person. Of course, Robyn doesn’t stand up for Janelle. Why would she make that sacrifice? By allowing Kody to disrespect Janelle in front of the world, she’s basically doing the same thing.

2Kody Thinks He’s The Coolest (Robyn Strokes His Ego)

kody brown final convertible lexus with robyn cropped

Kody keeps his sense of self fairly stable thanks to Robyn, but that’s not a good thing. In season 18, even her attempts to bolster his self-esteem are falling flat. Kody’s coming apart at the seams emotionally, and Robyn helped to get him where he is now. He’s not in the driver’s seat, like he was when he and Robyn went for cruises in his so-shiny white Lexus convertible.

Kody’s blaming everyone around him for everything. Where did he learn to deflect like that? He learned from the master – Robyn. She’s the queen of passing the buck. Nothing has ever been her fault. Nothing will ever be her fault. And yet, everything is her fault (and Kody’s too). To keep her man relatively calm, she will tell him he’s great, even when he’s veering into the dirtbag lane.

1Kody Saps Every Wife’s Life Force (Except Robyn Brown)

Sister Wives- Meri's Talking About Jealousy (Kody's Other Exes Got Jealous Too)

Christine seems to be doing fairly well, with some dips in her mood. She’s got that lingering anger thing to deal with. However, in season 18, Meri and Janelle are at a low ebb. Both appear to be exhausted. This is Kody’s handiwork. Monsters are known for sapping the energy of their victims, or worse.

What’s most monstrous about Kody is how unhappy he made everyone but Robyn, and how Robyn helped him to do that. Now, the less-preferred wives look back and wonder what on earth happened. Meanwhile, Kody adds insult to injury by refusing to acknowledge their issues, which are completely valid. He rewrites history the way another kind of monster, the tyrant, would.

He’s not lying in wait like some psycho from a horror film, but he’s still dangerous. Just look at how miserable Meri and Janelle are in Sister Wives season 18. It’s shocking how downtrodden they appear. These were women who tried for years to please him, and overlooked so much passive-aggression and outright meanness.

Years ago, Sister Wives‘ Meri got the worst Christmas gift from her husband. As an afterthought, he gave her a hoodie that was lying on a bed. It’s just so sad, and while it may seem theatrical to call Kody a monster, it’s really not such a bad description. Kody needs to smarten up. Life’s too short to treat women that badly.

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