Mykelti visited her mother and David Woolley

Mykelti Brown Padron’s family got a lot bigger after her mother married David Woolley. She already has 17 brothers and sisters from her own family. Now, there are plenty more step-siblings and step-nieces and nephews to add to the mix.

The Sister Wives star recently uploaded some sweet photos of her own family bonding with David’s extended family. Fans were excited to see the blended family getting along so well.

Keep reading and see what Mykelti shared with her audience members.

Mykelti Brown says the blended family is working out well

Blended families don’t always work out. But thankfully, it seems like Christine Brown and David Woolley‘s families are getting along swimmingly.

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Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron have three children of their own. They were more than happy to set up playdates with David Woolley’s grandchildren.

But what exactly happened when the little kids got together?

Mykelti Brown Padron with her twin sons from Instagram
Mykelti Brown Padron/Instagram
“My mom married David and it blessed me with new siblings but most importantly to me, it blessed my children with more cousins,” the mother of three wrote on social media. “Family is everything to me and it always has been. I’ve loved having more family. My kids will always have friends to play with and learn with. I’ve loved getting to know my new siblings too. It’s an absolute pleasure and joy.”

Mykelti attached several photos of her daughter Avalon playing with David’s grandchildren. They appeared to visit a park area, an aquarium, and enjoyed playing together at someone’s home.

Avalon Padron and one of David Woolley's grandchildren from Mykelti Padron's Instagram
Mykelti Brown Padron/Instagram

This is so great to hear. I thought maybe David’s family wasn’t involved in the family. But it maybe they are not allowed in pictures or don’t want to. Glad they are involved. And your children will have cousins to play with. Your daughter I have to say has the most beautiful eyes,” one Instagram user wrote on the post. 

“This is so cute. I’m so glad everyone is merging so well,” another added.

Avalon Padron and one of David Woolley's grandchildren from Mykelti Padron's Instagram
Mykelti Brown Padron/Instagram

Fans can’t wait to meet David Woolley

So far, fans haven’t seen David Woolley appear onscreen yet. But he’s going to make his very first appearance on the tell-all with Christine. This is a moment that Sister Wives viewers have been waiting for.

Hopefully, he impresses the fans the same way he managed to impress Christine’s family.

Are you happy to see that Mykelti Brown’s family gets along so well with David Woolley’s side of the family? Share what you think in the comments.

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