Why Robyn Brown Stripped Son, Dayton’s Birth Name

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has made some controversial decisions for her kids throughout the years. One of them is the portrait she commissioned, where she replaced Christine’s kids with her own children beside their father, Kody. However, what left a big mark on many was her decision to strip her son, Dayton, of his biological father, which included changing his name. Keep reading to see the reason behind Robyn’s decision.

Sister Wives: How’s Dayton Brown Today?

According to reports, Dayton finished college this year with a triple degree in Marketing, ISM, and Management, with a Certificate in Business Analytics. It was also said that he moved to an RV next to his parents’ property to experience living independently. It also appears that he’s still not pursuing a career today.

Sister Wives Dayton Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram

Some Reddit users also talked about Robyn’s decision to change her son’s birth name from David Preston Jessop to David Dayton Preston. According to the poster, there may be a bigger reason for the Sister Wives star’s choice. They believe she doesn’t want Kody to remember her ex-husband by Dayton’s birth name.

I bet she didn’t want Kody to be reminded of her ex-husband, David Jessop, by her son’s name and that’s why she changed it to Dayton. When I first began watching I noticed he wasn’t responsive to his own name and chalked it up to him being autistic, but now it all really makes sense. It’s so sad she turned her children into pawns in her conquest to stroke the ego of a narcissist.

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Others agreed and called out Robyn and Kody for seemingly forcing him to sign the adoption at such a young age. Sources also claim that she didn’t tell the adults about their biological father’s cancer because she wanted to erase him from them. She also said that her husband abused her, which led her to file for divorce. But it was later revealed that David initiated the divorce first.

Sister Wives: Was It Dayton Brown’s Own Decision?

Some Redditors from the same thread also mentioned that Dayton’s name change was also his own decision. According to some, the name Dayton came from his name, David Preston.

Dayton Brown Instagram
Photo Credit: @robyn_browns_nest Instagram
  • “I just watched this … they said that from the start they merged “David” and “Preston” into “Day-Ton” or Day-Un” and “Day-un/Day-ton” became his name, so he wanted to incorporate “Dayton” as one of his names,” one person said.
  • “No, it was Dayton’s decision. He was David Preston Jessop, Jr., but they called him Dayton, and he decided he as long as his name was being changed, he wanted Dayton instead of Preston,” another commenter added.
  • “If I remember correctly it was Dayton’s choice. Since he has always gone by Dayton and not David,” one Redditor said.

Robyn Brown hasn’t been active on social media for years. Due to this, fans find it hard to get updates about her children. Season 18 barely revealed any updates about her kids as well. Regardless, many are hoping that David and his siblings are doing fine following the recent fallout of the Brown family.

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