Update the latest news at Garrison Brown’s funeral

Members outside the immediate Brown family have appeared on Sister Wives in the past, and now some are honoring Garrison Brown after his tragic death.


  •  Garrison Brown’s passing has deeply affected his family, who are slowly sharing tributes online to honor his memory.
  •  Mykelti disclosed that the entire Brown family attended Garrison’s funeral, as they struggle to cope with the major loss.
  •  The Brown family has decided not to share details around Garrison’s death with the public but focus on honoring his memory instead.

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown was laid to rest after his shocking passing rocked his family’s world, and some have shared their grief on social media after the difficult funeral. Garrison, son of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown, was one of 18 children in the Brown family. While Garrison’s family has been slowly beginning to post tributes to him online, Sister Wives fans have been hoping to see more online regarding Garrison in order to offer support and share in the grieving process. Janelle, along with Christine Brown, Meri Brown, and several of their children have already shared tributes online.

Emma Brown, one of Garrison’s cousins on Kody’s side of the family, shared a touching tribute to her cousin on Instagram“We love you,” Emma shared in an open letter to her late cousin, “i don’t even own a picture of you without your contagious smile. i don’t know if i have the right words to say i’ll miss you. i wish i was able to give you a hug and tell you how much you were loved.”

Emma explained that Garrison was “a son, a brother, a soldier, and a friend,” continuing, “if there is a god i hope he’s giving you peace.”

“if there is a god i hope he’s giving you peace.”

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Mykelti Reveals Entire Brown Family Attended Funeral

Sister Wives is a TV series created for TLC that follows Kody Brown and his four wives as they raise their eighteen children and tackle the challenges associated with their massive family dynamic and the stigma that comes with their way of life.

Mykelti Padron, daughter of Christine and Kody, shared that her entire family came together to attend Garrison’s funeral. On her Patreon, Mykelti shared that it’s been incredibly difficult for her to process this major loss. She explained that “the bright side of this is that I got to see all of my family for the first time in years,” which she felt would’ve made Garrison happy. “We do have some more things…in honor of him in this next month,” Mykelti shared. She also asked her viewers, “please, don’t ask me any questions about Garrison or…the events around [his death].”

While Mykelti and the rest of the Brown family are sharing their feelings surrounding Garrison’s tragic passing, she did share that they came to an agreement about speaking about it publicly. Mykelti shared that the Browns realize that the majority of their lives are public, as they air their problems on Sister Wives for the world to see. While Garrison’s passing will likely be a part of Sister Wives season 19, the Brown family appear to have agreed that they won’t be sharing details surrounding Garrison’s death with the public at this time, instead focusing on honoring his memory.

According to family members like Emma and Mykelti, the initial services for Garrison have come to a close, but the family isn’t finished honoring him yet. While Garrison’s death has been shocking for the family, and is clearly something that the Browns have not been able to process or cope with yet, they are doing the best they can to keep each other strong during this tough time. The Sister Wives family have been there for each other in the darkest times, and will continue to care for each other moving forward.

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