TLC Shuts Down Kody Brown In Upcoming ‘Look Back’ Special?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is caught in a big lie again in the latest preview of Sister Wives: Look Back. However, it wasn’t just the wives who exposed the patriarch this time. It seems that TLC is joining the exes when it comes to exposing the 54-year-old’s conflicting claims. Keep reading to see what the network did to unmask Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says Christine Wasn’t A Good Sister Wife

Kody has been trying to point out how bad of a wife Christine was. During the latest Tell-All, he revealed that she was a “a s*** sister wife” and she never tried or be there for her family. The Sister Wives star also hoped that she’d be a good wife to David Woolley. Furthermore, Kody claimed that Christine had to “destroy” his character or David would have second thoughts about marrying her because “she left a good man.”

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TLC Contradicts Kody’s Claims

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  • The editors made sure to include clips of both times Robyn announced her pregnancy in the look back, and literally both times Christine was the first person to jump up and hug her and be genuinely crying tears of joy and saying congratulations I’m so happy for you!

Others agreed that Christine was one of the best wives in the family. Some also said that it was just another excuse for Kody Brown to make it look like he never favored Robyn when she arrived.

  • I don’t think she was a perfect SW… But, she seemed to really try hard. Robyn on the other hand did not appear to. She said she did, but I never saw it
  • Let’s not forget… Christine iirc was the one promoting polygamy in the beginning, and was the reason for the BBC doc that led to SW. Not Jenelle. Not Robyn who had zero experience. And not even Meri

Sister Wives: Fans Recall Christine Brown’s Thoughtfulness

Some Redditors from the same thread also recalled some moments from the past season when Christine showed her thoughtful side. According to some, she was one of the most active wives and always brought positive energy to the family, which also conflicts with Kody’s negative claims about her.

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Christine Brown
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  • Remember she even made that lovely cross-stitch piece as an olive branch. It was so thoughtful, and C was talking about how she hoped she could show Robyn she was sorry for letting her emotions get the best of her
  • Christine was the full time mom (I literally mean 40+ hours a week taking care of children, not that she actually replaced their mom’s) to kids from all three wives

Some said that Kody Brown was the one who left the family and not the three other wives. At this point, Christine, Meri, and Janelle are presently thriving in life. However, the latest episodes of Look Back and Talk Back show the miserable look of Robyn. She seems to be struggling with Kody’s daily rants about his exes.

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