Sister Wives: Robyn Has Finally Started To Speak Up Against Kody?

Robyn Brown entered the Brown family as the fourth wife. Then, the family dynamics changed insanely since her arrival. Robyn always acted as a poor and miserable soul. Kody Brown always wanted his wives to be submissive and not question his decisions.

His fourth wife allegedly found a way of manipulating her husband. She slowly turned the patriarch against the other Sister Wives with her sugar-coated persona. The reality TV celeb was actually enjoying being the center of attention for her husband.

Kody always favored her and her children. But it appears that the TLC star has started seeing the worst side of Kody Brown since the family breakup. Now, she has started to speak up against her husband as well.

Sister Wives: Robyn Starts Opening Up About Kody’s Worst Side!

Robyn and Kody always appeared as a strong couple. The patriarch had a great relationship with his fourth wife. Fans have been accusing the Sister Wives pair for their hypocrisy and manipulation. Sister Wives Season 18 has completely ruined the couple’s reputation among fans.

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Christine, Janelle, and Meri have called it quits with the patriarch. The patriarch has had three breakups within 14 months. Now fans are waiting for Robyn and Kody’s relationship to take a U-turn.

But they know that Robyn has no plans of leaving the Brown family patriarch after so much hard work. Now, it appears that Robyn has started speaking against her plural husband. Recently, she painted a sad and emotional image of her husband on the Tell All about the family breakup.

Robyn explained that her husband has been struggling to come out of the consecutive separations. However, she said that Kody had been picking up fights over small issues since the family drama. Robyn stated, “What he’s doing is he’s self-sabotaging. He’s angry.” Sister Wives fans were shocked as they realized they used to come off as such a strong couple.

The TLC star explained that she has had to stop the former polygamist every time from ruining their relationship. Further, she blamed the family breakup for his emotional reactions. Robyn added, “We’re in different places about the bomb that went off on our family.” She admitted mourning about family disorientation while her husband didn’t want to talk about his anger.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Admits Making Things Worse With Robyn!

Kody and Robyn always supported each other despite the family drama. Now, it turns out that the couple is trying to manipulate the audience with their emotional stories. Robyn Brown tried very hard to receive sympathy from the fans by speaking up against Kody Brown.

 Sister Wives

She tried making Sister Wives fans believe that she and her husband have also struggled since the family fallout. Now Kody is accepting all the blame from Robyn Brown. He revealed his plans to leave his fourth wife by having another lover. He wanted to tell her to leave him after meeting someone new.

Kosy called himself a piece of sh*t for doing all this. However, he confessed everything in front of his only remaining wife later.

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