‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Gets Real, Reveals ‘Torture’ She Feels

After a recent interview with Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, has spoken about how she feels tortured. Understandably, Robyn was seemingly blindsided by the opinions of her former sister wives. Undoubtedly, Meri, Janelle, and Christine are taking the gloves off and airing their opinions about the last remaining wife of Kody Brown.

Robyn Brown Finds The Truth Hurts

Undeniably, Sister Wives star, Robyn Brown, catches a lot of flack from fans. But now, she is also getting a taste of the harsh opinions that Meri, Janelle, and Christine have of her as well. In a teaser clip for tonight’s Sister Wives: Talk Back Part 2, Robyn comes face to face with the truth and it unquestionably hurts.

Robyn Brown Off Guard During Playback

During the Sister Wives preview, each of the former wives, Robyn, and Kody watched the last episode of Season 18 and reacted. In one segment, Christine talks about how she wasn’t nice enough to her sister wives. While Robyn watches Janelle respond, you can tell she is taking a punch to the gut. Janelle says she and Christine know that’s a code for, “You weren’t nice to Robyn.” Afterward, Kody tries to smooth things over by turning it to how Christine wasn’t nice to him, but you can tell the damage is done to Robyn. Meanwhile, Robyn sits and fidgets with her shirt and stares upwards nervously trying to get through the second hour of the Talk Back.

As the teaser continues, you can tell that the former wives are over it. Unquestionably, Robyn Brown is in shock by the way each responds in the playback. When the scene plays from the finale of Season 18 where Kody pointedly emphasizes the “sacred covenant” he gave Robyn, each person has a strong reaction. But Robyn begins to cry. While she wipes her eyes, she declares, “Aw, this is just torture.” And then she stares blankly at her misty palms.

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Undoubtedly, the entire Brown family has undergone a great deal of stress over their tenure with the Sister Wives show. But Robyn Brown is specifically viewed as emotionally fragile and often, thanks to Christine Brown, popularly given the label “dramatic.” Additionally,  while Robyn has “won” over Kody being the only wife still standing, she has regrettably discussed losing her “dream” in the process. In her mind, she believed she would be living plural marriage, everyone under one roof, happily raising kids together. But, many see her as the catalyst of the unraveling of the Brown family.


What do you think about Robyn Brown saying it is “torture” to see what the former wives have to say? Do you feel for Robyn as she goes through this? Tune in tonight, December 29 at 9/8c. Then come back here to discuss! Leave us your comments below.

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