‘Sister Wives’ Proof Robyn Lied About Timeline Of Meri’s Melted Ring

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is getting called out after a new photo surfaced online proving her lies. The 45-year-old has been caught in many controversial things with Kody throughout the years. During the early seasons, she openly admitted to kissing the patriarch before getting married, which is strictly against their religion. The new photo that fans are discussing also contradicts her claims about how she first met Kody. Keep reading to see what fans have to say about her lies.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Already Doing Suspicious Activities With Kody Before Marriage

Some fans on Reddit recalled how controversial Robyn had been upon entering the family. According to the poster, when they all first had their couch interview, the Sister Wives star openly admitted that she and Kody had already kissed before getting married. Christine also expressed her disappointment upon discovering what they did. The fourth wife began to cry as she felt bad that she had upset her sister wives.

Robyn Kody YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC YouTube

So, anyway… it’s pretty obvious that Kody and Robyn did get physical prior to marriage, but with the comment Robyn made, did she admit to sleeping with Kody before even being engaged?

Others also speculated that Robyn and Kody had already done forbidden things before tying the knot, which may have fueled their unfair relationship.

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Fans Are Calling Out Robyn For Big Lie

Some fans on social media are also calling out Robyn for lying about how she first met Kody. An FB user shared a screenshot from an old episode showing Kody wearing his wedding ring with Meri while he was on a date with Robyn. According to some, it’s another piece of evidence for Sister Wives star’s lies.

Sister Wives Robyn Kody Facebook
Photo Credit: FB Group
  • “Yes, he had his ring from Meri, only. When he met n date Robyn go watch the early episodes,” one person said.
  • “He’s wearing the ring… and once again Robyn is caught in a lie stating Kody didn’t wear a ring when they met,” another commenter added.

Meanwhile, some pointed out that Robyn has constantly lied throughout the years, and they also believe that Meri, Janelle, and Christine have somehow covered up for Kody to keep the show going.


Sister Wives: Kody Brown Melted The Ring

During the latest episode of Tell-All, Christine revealed that Kody used to wear his wedding ring with Meri around the time that Robyn was joining the family. However, when things fell apart between the two, he decided to melt down the ring and save the gold.

“Well, Meri found out, she’s like, ‘Well, where’s my ring? You don’t wear it anymore. He’s like, ‘Oh, I melted it down,’ just like that,” she added. Christine Brown also revealed that her ex-husband’s decision made them all decide to have Claddagh rings together. Meri was also upset about her former sister-wife sharing her story, as she wanted to reveal it in her way

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