Sister Wives: Paedon’s Worst Feuds With His Siblings (Gwendlyn & Leon) Explained

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown isn't the warmest and fuzziest reality star. He's at war with his siblings, and there's been tension for years.

  • Paedon Brown is Kody and Christine Brown’s wild child. He isn’t afraid to feud with his siblings. Paedon disses Gwendlyn and Leon Brown online.
  •  Like Kody, Paedon is self-righteous and egotistical. However, he has some of his mother Christine’s charm.
  •  Sadly, charm isn’t enough to redeem him, as Paedon admitted to slapping his sister Gwendlyn. There’s no excuse for that.

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown’s a wild card, and his feuds with his siblings showcase his reckless spirit. When he goes online to throw shade at his brothers and sisters, he’s gambling. The fanbase could easily turn on him, but that doesn’t stop him from mouthing off. Of all the Brown kids, Paedon has the most in common with his father Kody Brown, even though they’re not on speaking terms. He has Kody’s ego and self-righteousness. However, there’s some of his mom Christine Brown’s jolly spirit in there too. Paedon stands out onscreen – whether he’s good or bad, he has star quality.

Paedon was born on August 7, 1998. He’s a Leo, and Paedon embodies many of the traits of that zodiac sign. He wants the spotlight, which is definitely a Leo thing. Paedon has a high opinion of himself and Leos are known for their healthy egos. While Leos can be obnoxioua, there’s usually a lot of charm. They can be very funny people. On Sister Wives season 18, Paedon took Christine’s side after she left Kody, and he hasn’t been shy about slagging off his father and Robyn Brown. However, before the season was filmed, he put a lot of energy into insulting his siblings.

Paedon Brown’s Feud With Gwendlyn Brown Is Explosive

Paedon Brown & Gwendlyn Brown Are Extremely Incompatible

Gwendlyn Brown is very outspoken, but less of a joker than Paedon. She’s really unloaded on her brother, accusing him of terrible things. When she isn’t calling out her father for overspending, or laughing at Robyn, she’s aiming her jabs at her brother, and she does not mince words. The quote below comes from kodys_ex_wives at Instagram:

“He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing.”

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So. why does she think Paedon’s basically the devil? Well, she has her reasons. Gwendlyn’s said he’s, “racist” and, “transphobic,” as per an interview with John Yates at YouTube. These are serious allegations, and true “bridge-burning” comments. She can’t expect him to forgive her for saying these things. When she accused him of being a bigot and more, was it all true? Only the two of them know for sure. However, there are signs that Paedon’s definitely a villain. One is his penchant for violence.

Paedon Brown Slapped Gwendlyn Brown

Paedon Brown Goes Way Too Far

During one explosive argument, Paedon got physical with Gwendlyn. There’s nothing that makes that okay. She is actually frightened of him. He had no problem sharing that disturbing tidbit with others. He said, as per his TikTok Live, which was posted by “deleted” at Reddit:

She’s scared of me.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Paedon also crossed a line when he questioned his sister’s sexuality. Gwendlyn’s bisexual, and she claims that Paedon and other Brown siblings thought that she was faking her romantic interest in both sexes. According to her, Paedon seemed to be implying that she was chasing clout by pretending to be bisexual. She said:

“That moment when you find out your siblings gossip about how they don’t think your sexuality is real or possible.”

While no one was specifically named in the quote shown above, via @gwendlynbrown at X, it’s almost certain that she was firing yet another shot at Paedon. He’s her favorite target, and based on what he’s admitted to so far, it’s not hard to understand why. Of all of Kody’s offspring, Gwendlyn and Paedon are definitely the most likely to criticize others. They grew up on a reality TV show, so going public with grievances is second nature to them.

Their feud has been going on since 2015. It’s now 2023 and they’re still holding grudges. They feud with other people too. Paedon and Gwendlyn aren’t into peace. They learned about relationships from their father, and Kody is known for shifting all blame to the people around him. Now, some of his children are following in his footsteps. While Paedon definitely slapped Gwendlyn, and deserves all the blame for that, the other aspects of their feud aren’t as black and white. A lot of what Gwendlyn’s said about Paedon can’t be proved. It’s hearsay.

Combative, boorish, tacky…these negative adjectives could be used to describe Paedon at his worst. He seems to enjoy leaning into the villain role. He glories in being “the jerk.” Onscreen, in Sister Wives season 18, he seemed harmless enough, cracking jokes about Kody and Robyn’s “weak immune systems.” However, under the surface, he’s more malevolent. His jokes may get chuckles, but some of the stuff he does isn’t funny at all.

Paedon Brown & Leon Brown Do Not Get Along

Paedon Brown Seems To Feud With Everyone

Black Lives Matter is an important movement, and some other movements seem to take away from it, including the Blue Lives Matter initiative. Of course, every life has value, but the police brutality issues addressed by the Black Lives Matter movement should be the focus. Other movements that use spins on the same terminology detract from the central message and dilute it. That’s why Leon Brown wasn’t exactly thrilled when Paedon showed his support for the Blue Lives Matter movement online, as seen above. It was one more issue that stood between the Sister Wives kids.

Leon is a trans person, and Gwendlyn has called her brother “transphobic,” as previously mentioned. It’s more than likely that her criticism was linked with Paedon’s attitude towards Sister Wives‘ Leon Brown. Leon has distanced themselves from the Brown family, possibly because uber-patriarch Kody and Paedon haven’t been emotionally supportive. Leon seems to be doing well, as they have a loving partner, a fulfulling career and plenty of hobbies. So, some space from the Browns might be a good thing for Leon. However, this shouldn’t be necessary, particularly in Kody’s case, as a parent should love their child unconditionally.

Parents are supposed to love their kids no matter what. Children shouldn’t be forced into molds that don’t fit them in order to please their mothers and fathers. With siblings, it’s more complicated. Brothers and sister are often at war, but usually, the battles are short-lived. With Paedon, the wars never seem to end. Maybe he likes it that way, as he gets tons of attention when he acts up. However, feuding with siblings, his father, Robyn and Meri Brown (he said she mistreated him when he was younger) sends a message that he enjoys the chaos.

Leon’s Partner Audrey Kriss Dissed Paedon Brown Too

Audrey Kriss Doesn’t Share Paedon Brown’s Beliefs

Leon’s partner Audrey Kriss has dissed Paedon because of his beliefs, which are in stark contrast to her own. On both sides, the points of view are unchanging, so there’s little hope here, although some hope always remains. It’s likely that Paedon will continue feuding with Gwendlyn, Leon and Audrey forever. While he may have deep-seated trauma that’s causing him to act out, he chooses immature methods. He lashes out publicly when it would be much classier to handle things quietly.

Since everything’s out there for public consumption, there may be people who think Paedon is a monster. He can be so arrogant. He shows his softer side with Christine. He’s seemingly devoted to his mother and relaxes around her. He lets go of much of his anger and jokes around with her. He has her back. However, he doesn’t seem to have anyone else’s back. His relationships with Brown family members are constantly troubled.

Paedon Brown Has Also Criticized Kody Brown

Paedon Brown Won’t Stop Unloading On Kody Brown

Paedon obviously thinks that Kody’s failed him as a father and that’s very sad. Kody has 18 kids, so it’s not such a shocker that he hasn’t been able to give all of them the love and attention that they need. Maybe he’s tried, but based on Sister Wives season 18, there’s reason to believe that he favors his kids with Robyn. Gabriel Brown and other Brown offspring said as much during the current installment. Kody didn’t even give Savanah Brown a Christmas gift, saying that he’d deliver one to her later. Meanwhile, Robyn’s kids got all sorts of presents.

Paedon vents by insulting his father – he doesn’t hold back. He has dissed Kody by saying he’s not really the “man of the house” that he should be. He also punctured Kody’s image as “Mr. Vigilant” with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Kody was all about following super-strict rules when the pandemic was at its peak, Paedon claimed the patriarch never even got vaccinated. Is that why Kody was so extreme about the rules? Was it because, even when perfectly good vaccines were available, he chose not to be inoculated? If so, that shows another side of Kody’s character. He seems deceptive, but there’s no hard proof that he didn’t get a shot.

Sister Wives season 18 has shown the Brown family in turmoil, and Paedon’s in the mix, causing trouble however he can. Offscreen, he’s even worse. Will he ever make peace with his family? Based on his track record, he’s going to be feuding with certain Browns for years.

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