Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron Lashes Out At National Guard After Garrison Brown’s Funeral

Mykelti Padron from Sister Wives is quite upset with The National Guard for sharing pictures from Garrison Brown’s memorial on social media.

  •  Mykelti Padron criticizes the National Guard for posting Garrison Brown’s memorial photos without family consent.
  •  Some viewers slam Mykelti for making the incident about herself, questioning her motives for speaking out.
  •  While Mykelti’s emotions are understandable, the National Guard wasn’t wrong for honoring Garrison publicly.

Sister Wives star Mykelti Padron slams the National Guard for posting pictures of Garrison Brown’s memorial. The Brown family recently faced an unpredictable tragedy when Kody and Janelle Brown’s son reportedly committed suicide. They took to social media to honor his memory and remember him for giving them some of the best moments of their lives. Like Garrison’s family, his friends and co-workers also paid tribute to him. Recently, the Nevada Army National Guard honored him for his amazing service. Garrison was a dedicated Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard and a proud CAV Scout who loved his country.

The Utah native said (via Katie Paulson ), “we didn’t give them the release to release that.”

Mykelti stated that what the National Guard did wouldn’t have mattered if her family were regular people. She said her family is different because they are public, so the military should’ve respected their privacy. She concluded her statement by revealing that she got upset over the photos while her siblings tried calming her down.

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Mykelti’s National Guard Comment Comes Under Fire

Mykelti Is Accused Of Profiting From Garrison’s Death

Mykelti’s comments against the National Guard didn’t receive support. In fact, many Sister Wives viewers disliked it and slammed her for making the incident all about herself. A social media user wrote, “if it was a public memorial then I don’t understand why she’s upset.”

Another user commented, “Mykelti it does not matter if your family is public or not,” adding that the Brown family doesn’t override the military.

Someone even commented, “hard pass,” wondering if Garrison’s sister was mad because she couldn’t control or monetize the situation like she did with the family drama.

It’s understandable why Mykelti was upset about the incident. She had lost her brother and simply wanted to have a moment away from all the public attention. Unfortunately, the National Guard’s photos brought all kinds of eyes to such an emotional memorial. Some social media users used the images to judge family members by the outfits they wore on the day. Others despised Kody, Robyn, and others for their past actions. Mykelti likely just wanted the memorial to be about Garrison. However, it turned into a viral internet post, which greatly upset her mood and caused her to rant.

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