Sister Wives: Mykelti Confirms Robyn & Kody Are Really Suffering! Need Help

Mykelti Padron used to be a recurring cast member in Sister Wives. Things Have changed since she got married to Tony Padron, and she has a family now. Yet, she remains in the limelight for constantly providing titbits about her family that disintegrated last year. Fans also found out about Kody and Robyn’s struggles after being the last couple standing.

In a new video on her Patreon page, Mykelti shed some light on how she feels about her only marriage that the couple has been struggling with. She openly admitted that things between Kody and Robyn are really bad and that they need help. What made Christine’s daughter say so?

Sister Wives: Mykelti Says Kody & Robyn Really Need Help! Marriage Struggles Got Bad?

The latest Sister Wives Season 18 is indeed a roller coaster ride. It started with showcasing the aftermath since Christine left. Soon, Janelle and Meri also made up their mind about leaving the plural family. Robyn and Kody never took the blame and instead expressed anger towards everyone for leaving, becoming the ultimate villains.

At last, Mykelti took it upon herself to share with her viewers regarding the Tell All episode. A lot of viewers wanted to know if she, too, felt that Robyn looked depressed on screens. Christine and Kody’s daughter agreed to this and said the fourth wife was “struggling.” She also announced how Robyn and Kody both needed help as the former polygamist was also experiencing sadness.

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Sister Wives

Mykelti explained that after the three divorces, Kody’s relationship with his kids also suffered. He had been feeling upset and all the lows ever since he contracted COVID-19. So, things continued to worsen till the point he was only left with Robyn. They also began bickering and even revealed having thoughts of leaving one another!

Sister Wives: Mykelti Feels That Losing Everything Sent Kody In Self Sabotaging Mode!

Mykelti continued to share her take on Robyn and Kody’s failed bond. The only wife had been very open about how the latter had tried to bicker with her and sabotage his only marriage He also got candid about the same at the Sister Wives Tell All and mentioned having thoughts about being done with all of the relationships by ending things with Robyn as well.

In her Paetron video, Mykelti noted how Robyn is a very emotional person. As per her, the latter refuses to bottle up her feelings and wears her heart on her sleeve. Fans know that both these women share a good bond despite their huge families breaking down and always support one another. Christine’s daughter tried to emphasize how Robyn never wanted Kody all to himself.

Hence, both Kody and Robyn are still very upset about the family falling apart. Surprisingly, they still don’t wish to reconcile with the rest of the former spouses. Do you agree with Myketi’s perspective? Would they benefit by seeking help? Let us know in the comments below

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