Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes A Big Step, Announces Adoption! [See Photo]

Meri Brown has stepped into a completely new phase after she left Kody Brown. Sister Wives Season 18 featured how hard this decision was for her and how disappointed she was because of it. However, the celeb is letting the bygones be bygones and is moving on in her life.

Meri has now decided to take the big step of expanding her family. She recently took to her social media and made the announcement about her decision to adopt. The lone wolf also introduced her new family member, Zona, to the world! Who is Zona?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Introduces Her New ‘Adopted’ Family Member

Meri Brown’s dream of having Sister Wives in a polygamous family has shattered. She has parted ways with Kody and is creating her own little family now. The celeb recently took to Instagram and talked about her decision to adopt.

She shared a picture with her new family member, Zona. She revealed that she has finally adopted a “dog” and welcomed her to her world. The celeb explained in her lengthy caption that she never intended to get a pet for herself. This is because having them becomes a huge responsibility, and she travels often, which could create issues.

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Hence, Meri initially used to visit shelters, play with dogs, and showered love on innocent furry beings. But when she met Zona, she instantly knew that she was different. The celeb wrote, “I couldn’t get her off my mind or out of my heart.”

Meri couldn’t control herself and went the next day to adopt Zona. She seemed to be happy with her decision and concluded, “What a perfect way to spend New Years Eve!” The Sister Wives star proudly added that now she and Zona have each other to love while she is waiting for all the magic and surprises that 2024 has to offer.

Sister Wives: Is Zona A Perfect Addition To Meri’s Single Life?

Meri Brown was initially known as the lone wolf in the Sister Wives fanbase. But now she has Zona to rely on, and viewers are really happy for her. Several fans even took to the comment section and supported Meri as they felt that it was the right thing to do.

A user wrote, “Perfect addition to your new single life!!!.” The fan further assured Meri that she would never have to question if Zona loves her or not. This came after the celeb had been in a dilemma for years as she struggled to know if Kody loved her or not.

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Meri even called out Kody during a recent episode. She saw a clip in which the latter claimed that he loved Robyn and all his other wives a few years back. The celeb was quick to wonder if her ex-husband was lying.

Meri recalled Kody telling her that he wasn’t in love with her and was simply trying to do his “duty.” Hence, she slammed him for lying about the same. But now Meri has Zona, who would love her in all ways and always. Therefore, viewers finally took a sigh of relief as she was in the right paws now!

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