Sister Wives: Meri Brown Slammed For Charging $600 From Fans To Join Her New Project!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been on social media for her new venture. She has been dropping hints for fans about her ‘passion project’ for a long time. The TLC star kept the audience on their toes about the launch of her new venture, Worthy Up. Meri wanted to build a platform for people struggling to find their worth and gain confidence.

She has been sharing several updates about the launch of her new venture. After months of anticipation, Meri finally launched her new business on Facebook. She also shared the subscription prices with the potential customers. However, fans started backlashing the celebrity after finding the jaw-dropping subscription prices.

Sister Wives: Fans Criticize Meri Brown For Unbelievable Subscription Prices!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has just launched her most anticipated business, Worthy Up, on Facebook. She has been teasing fans about her upcoming project for months. The TLC star wanted to describe her new venture as a community focused on transformation and self-discovery.” She wanted to build a safe place for individuals to grow and connect.

However, it seems that the fans are not happy with the subscription prices of her new business. Meri’s fans had to pay $150 per year for a  Digital Membership to be a part of the Facebook group for one year. Moreover, they would get a printable PDF WOW workbook along with first-hand information on all the events and Worthy Up merchandise.

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Meri has also been charging $300 for an Inspiration Membership and $600 for an Impact Membership plan. But, Sister Wives fans were angry after learning about the shocking subscription prices. Several fans called out the celebrity for charging unreasonable prices for the plan. One fan stated, “Very expensive, You are missing out on people by charging $600 a year?”

Meanwhile, others called her out for positioning herself as a counselor without the required qualifications. Another fan chimed, “You’re pathetic as* is trying to be a life coach for others?.” They also pointed out that the reality TV star was trying to scam her audience with her subscription prices.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shares First Glimpse Of Worthy Up Merch Package!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been super busy these days with her new business launch. She has been sharing every new detail of her venture to create a buzz among the audience. Finally, the TLC star has launched her new project, Worthy Up. She has informed her fans about the website to help them in joining her group. Moreover, the reality TV star gave them a look at her first merchandise package.

Sister Wives
MERI BROWN NEW MERCH [SOURCE: @therealmeribrown]

She took to Instagram recently to give her followers a sneak peek at one of her Worthy Up merch. Meri posted a picture of a customized mug, diary, pen, and baseball cap that her subscribers will get. Fans could easily spot the logo of ‘Worthy Up’ printed on each product to promote her new venture.

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