‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Shares Brown Family Together For Christmas

Maddie Brown Brush is dishing some Christmas news to her Sister Wives fans via social media. She spoke about how they did a gift exchange, presumably without Robyn Brown’s involvement. Additionally, the TLC star’s been talking about how some of the adult kids get together this year.

Maddie Brown Brush Seems Excited About Christmas

After the ugly scenes involving the texts, a gift exchange, and Robyn making it all about her, it’s nice to see that this year, Christmas sounds like more fun for the adult kids. Season 10 brought a miserable Christmas and TLC fans slammed Kody Brown for being such an awful father. Bear in mind, that he didn’t even want to talk to his sons, Gabe and Garrison.

Judging by what Maddie Brown Brush had been saying, it sounds like Savanah Brown might have a better Christmas than last year. Remember her dad didn’t even send her a text for Christmas, and he ghosted her. Again furious TLC fans slammed him. Even Janelle Brown had a miserable Christmas while Robyn and her kids got the lion’s share of the entertainment.


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Will The Sister Wives Kids Be At Christine’s  Home For  Christmas?

These days, Christine Brown has a nice home in Lehi, near Mykelti Brown Padron in Utah. She gushed about her renovations, and can’t wait to see the family gather there to enjoy time at her outdoor entertainment area. However, it doesn’t seem as if they will use that this Christmas. Instead, it seems that the kids might end up with Maddie and Caleb in North Carolina.

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Has A Nice Big Home - Instagram
Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Has A Nice Big Home – Instagram

maddie tiktok live. I watched some of her tiktok live and it sounds like all of janelle’s kids and some of christine’s will be staying with her for christmas! including mykelti which i was surprised by!…

In the comments, TLC fans chatted about which kids might be there.

  • From what Mykelti has said all the siblings besides Leon, Gwen, Aspyn, and Truely will be with Maddie for Christmas this year, oh and also Robyn’s kids obviously won’t be there.
  • Omg please no! Don’t tell me Truly has to spend it with Kody. Hope she packs her own meal.
  • Sobyn must be working up her air tears rn at the thought of only her bio kids being there for Christmas this year ???? I bet Meri stiffs dark cloud manor too.
  • I think it’s great Maddie is picking up the torch and hosting her siblings. For sure, things are different and it will probably take a few years to get the new normal down. Also, it’s possible, since they are currently filming for season 19, this was a way to film the Holidays for the show, without intruding too much on David’s family and their privacy

What are your thoughts on who Maddie Brown Brush seems to be hosting this Christmas? Are you thinking that Christine Brown might be more invoved with David Woolley’s big family this year? Let us know in the comments and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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