Sister Wives: Kody & Robyn Lavishly Celebrate Their ‘Legal’ Wedding Anniversary

Sister Wives star Kody decided to divorce Meri just to marry Robyn legally. He did this to adopt the latter’s kids from her previous marriage. However, their spiritual wedding had started way before this, and this legal marriage was just for the sake of documentation.

Well, Kody and Robyn are now celebrating their ‘legal’ wedding anniversary as well. Viewers were shocked when they found out that the couple drove down a Mercedes to celebrate their big day.

Kody Brown has always been accused of favoring his fourth wife. This seemingly ended up becoming the reason for three consecutive divorces. But now the Sister Wives celeb is in a monogamous marriage with Robyn. Initially, the couple claimed that they were grieving because of the same.

But now it seems that they are thoroughly enjoying their togetherness. Lately, there have been several instances when Kody and Robyn have been spotted spending some quality time in restaurants and scenic views. Recently, a Reddit thread started and revealed that the couple recently went out to celebrate their ‘legal’ anniversary.

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OP posted a picture of Kody and Robyn standing together near a huge Christmas tree. They both seemed to be in nice clothes as they went out for an outing at a nice steakhouse in Scottsdale. The thread revealed that the couple drove in a “Mercedes” as they were celebrating their ‘legal marriage’ anniversary.

This mere picture ended up igniting the anger in viewers. Several fans slammed the couple for celebrating the day when they kicked off Meri from the dynamics just for adopting Robyn’s kids. Someone wrote, “This is the anniversary of when Kody left the other wives.” Another one added, “They are so disgusting!.” Moreover, the word ‘Mercedes” also became an eye-brow raiser for the viewers.

Sister Wives: Kody Sells His Expensive Sports Cars!

Kody Brown was spotted in a Mercedes after he ended up selling some of his expensive sports cars

. Sister Wives Season 18 documented him selling off his truck and a sports car. Both of them were really dear to him, while Robyn admitted having great memories with them as well.

sister wives

As per the reports, Kody sold them to none other than his own friend, Brian. The latter has a business of selling and purchasing cars. Some sources stated that he had some dues because of which he had to let go of his cars. On the other hand, fans felt that Kody sold his cars just to pay off his Coyote Pass property.

This made the viewers wonder if Kody was actually dealing with some serious financial issues because three of his breadwinners were no longer in the family. But soon, he was spotted driving an expensive Mercedes. This made it clear that the celeb’s financial condition is stable as he is able to afford luxurious cars even after three divorces.

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