Sister Wives: Janelle Says Things Are Hard For Her After Garrison’s Passing!

Garrison Brown’s death shattered Janelle by all means. She never imagined losing her beloved son this soon, and it was a shock for her. Apparently, the noted Sister Wives star was the first one to break the news about Garrison’s death. Since then, she has been mourning the loss of him.

After all this, Janelle recently opened up about her current state of mind. She explained how hard it was to get her brain working after losing Garrison. What did she reveal?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Talks About Her Current State Of Mind

Sister Wives star Janelle was in a devastating state after she lost Garrison Brown. Viewers were eager to hear from her and know what her mental state was. She recently took to Instagram and shared a carousel of pictures from her son’s memorial. The celeb even wrote a lengthy caption and expressed her emotions.

Janelle started off by saying, “It’s been hard to get my brain to work properly again.” She then thanked everyone who supported her in the “last three weeks” and poured “love.” The celeb acknowledged that she was honored to watch people sharing stories about Garrison and thanked them from the bottom of her heart.

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Janelle then revealed that Garrison was honored by her family members and by the National Guard Unit last Sunday. She explained that it was a “celebration of life ceremony.” The matriarch further admitted that it was a “beautiful moment” for all of them and Garrison would have “loved” it.

Janelle stated that these pictures have been surfacing on the internet for a while. So, many of her viewers would have already seen them with some “snarky comments.” However, they are close to her heart, and she decided to share them irrespective of everything. Several viewers took to the comment section and showed their support for Janelle and her family.

Sister Wives: Janelle Received A Folded Flag At Garrison’s Memorial

It clearly was an overwhelming moment for Janelle to attend Garrison Brown’s memorial. She was in an emotional state and she was spotted crying her heart out in several pictures. Amid all this, viewers saw Sister Wives star getting honored in the memory of her beloved son. Apparently, soldiers from the 1st Squadron and 221st Cavalry gathered at the Clark County Armory and gave Janelle a folded flag.


Guards followed a protocol of performing the flag folding ceremony as Garrison was a “Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard” and a proud “CAV Scout” as well. They paid tribute to the departed soul, and one of them headed towards Janelle. The latter was featured crying her heart out when a soldier saluted her and handed over the folded flag to her.

This came after Garrison Brown lost his life due to a “self-inflicted” gunshot wound. He was found dead in his apartment, and Gabe was the first one to discover his lifeless body. Janelle even opened up to the police about her son’s last concerning messages that he had been sending before he took his own life. Since then, fans have been trying hard to deal with this loss and are sending prayers to the Browns

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