‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Says She’s In Heaven: Video

Janelle Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives took to Instagram pretty late last night to tell her 1.1M followers she was in heaven. Her Instagram Reel included the details of how she was celebrating the Christmas season. She was beaming with a huge smile that stretched across her entire face. There was a light in her eyes as she discussed how happy she was in the moment she was currently living in.

What was Janelle Brown doing for Christmas that had her so happy she felt like she was in heaven? Keep reading for the sweet details. Or, scroll down to watch the video she shared via Instagram.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Says She’s In Heaven: Video

Janelle Brown shared that she was at Maddie’s house for the holiday. Furthermore, Mykelti was also at the house with all of her children as well. Janelle explained she was in her room taking care of a little business. She, however, could hear all of the noise and chaos going on outside. Janelle listened as Mykelti and Maddie worked to get all of their children ready for bed.

Janelle Brown-YouTube
Janelle Brown-YouTube

She concluded by hoping that her fans found their version of heaven for the holidays.

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Check out the video she uploaded below:

There wasn’t a single negative comment to be found on Janelle Brown’s Instagram Reel. This wasn’t too surprising as she’s a fan favorite on the TLC series. While fans want Janelle to find love like Christine has, they also appreciate Janelle knowing exactly what she wants. Furthermore, fans agreed Janelle was glowing in her video. She just looked so happy. Here’s what some of her fans had to say:

  • “The best stage of my life so far is being a grandma. I love listening to my granddaughter talk to my son. It just warms my heart. Happy holidays!”
  • “Janelle, you are my favorite person on the planet.”
  • “Merry Christmas Janelle! You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. I’m so glad you’re happy!”
  • “So nice to hear! Wishing your family Happy Holidays!”

For the most part, many fans agreed the best stage in their life has been becoming a grandparent.

Janelle Brown Instagarm
Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

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