Sister Wives: FIRST LOOK Of Christine & David’s Fairytale Wedding Out!

Here comes a fairytale of love, laughter, and a happily ever after as Christine Brown is finally taking all of us to her wedding. Her big day would be a part of Season 18, and fans aren’t able to control their excitement. This is because they already have seats for the most anticipated Sister Wives’ clan wedding.

Recently, TLC dropped the first look at David and Christine’s wedding, and viewers are still gushing over it. Everything seems to be perfect as they eagerly wait to say ‘I do’ and grow old together.

Sister Wives: Christine Takes Fans To Her Fairytale Wedding! First Look Revealed

Sister Wives recently announced a special segment dedicated to Christine and David’s wedding. The latter has already made his debut, and fans are seated to watch this couple exchange vows and step into their happily ever after.

Recently, TLC shared the first look at what Christine and David’s big day looked like. In the beginning, there was a voiceover that started off by revealing that there is still more to come on Sister Wives. She was then featured screaming at the top of her voice, “I’m getting married,” while she hopped around.

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Christine seemed to be the happiest person alive as she was seen chugging mimosas on a pontoon boat with all her loved ones. She also talked about how she “stalked” David and asked him to meet in person. The Sister Wives star was overjoyed when she stated, “I’m excited to say I do.” Christine continued with a laugh, “And he’s excited to say ‘I do’ to anything I want!”

It felt like a dream when the camera was David and Christine walking down the aisle. The former was clearly head over heels in love with his wife as he admitted, “It’s like I’ve felt like I’ve known you my whole life.”

So, hold your breath as Christine and David’s dreamy ceremony from Oct. 7, 2023, in Moab, Utah, will be airing on Jan. 7, 2024, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. Mark the date as you surely wouldn’t want to miss this!

Sister Wives: Christine’s Family Reacts To Her Big Day! What All Did They Say?

Everyone who is a fan of Christine was in love with the idea that she was walking down the aisle AGAIN! Her big day had tears of joy and happy faces. Yet, Sister Wives viewers were curious to know what her family had to say and if Kody knew about this dreamy wedding or not.

The first look documented Kody and Robyn talking about Christine’s wedding. The former said that he “knew” David and Christine were gonna say I do. He continued, “She made these accusations that I had-” until Robyn chimed in and stated that they were really happy for her.

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On the other hand, Janelle couldn’t stop praising Christine and David’s chemistry. She confessed, “The fact that they are openly affectionate soothes that would that Kody inflicted.” Her daughter, Madison, also had tears of joy and appeared to be happy watching Christine saying yes to her love.

It was evident that Christine was getting the support of almost all her close ones. Her family was enjoying the wedding, and many of them became emotional when she walked in with David as his bride.

So, it would be advisable for the viewers to carry their tissue boxes with them. After all, Christine and David standing at the altar is nothing less than a dream that will leave everyone in tears

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