Sister Wives Divorces: Who’s The Most Heartbroken After Leaving Kody? (It is Meri Or Janelle?)

One of Kody Brown's three ex-spouses is suffering the most after leaving him and secretly yearns to get back together for a happily ever after.


  •  Kody’s ex-wives have different feelings towards the polygamous lifestyle they left behind, including one who is still trying to get over him.
  •  Janelle still has some affection for Kody, but doesn’t want to be married to him and has no hard feelings.
  •  Meri doesn’t miss Kody as much and felt abandoned and lonely in their relationship, leading her to seek intimacy elsewhere.

Kody Brown’s exes on Sister Wives all have different feelings towards the polygamous lifestyle they’ve left behind, including a wife who is seemingly still trying hard to get over him. All of Kody’s first three wives shockingly divorced him, thus, ending their unusual polygamous lifestyle in one go. Kody’s third wife, Christine, whom he had married in March 1994 because of her being “polygamist royalty,” was the first to leave him. Then came Janelle, who formed a close friendship with Christine before and after their respective splits from the Brown family patriarch. Meri was the last of Kody’s wives to split with him in January 2023.

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Probably Still Loves Kody

Sister Wives Janelle Brown with Kody Brown meeting Tell-all host Sukanya Krishnanin background

Sister Wives star Janelle may have moved on from her marriage to Kody, but her feelings for him still linger on. Janelle admitted that things between her and Kody have been “all friendly” since their split in December 2022. She told People magazine, “I still feel some affection for him, but I don’t want to be married to him and I don’t want to be with him, but I have no hard feelings.” Janelle said that she doesn’t have any hard feelings for her ex. She wasn’t heartbroken when the marriage ended, since they had already drifted apart for a long time.

However, Janelle wants to “go and hang out” with Kody on a “superficial” level and have a great time with him if she could “compartmentalize and put away all the other stuff.” Janelle has always been open to the possibility that she will somehow be struck by lightning and it will “all be happily ever after,” even though she calls herself a “realist.”

Sister Wives’ Meri May Not Miss Kody As Much

meri brown sister wives meri brown in red blouse blue background featuring angry looking kody brown

Kody and Meri’s relationship wasn’t meant to be an “eternal covenant” as she thought it would be. Meri recalled Kody telling her that he was “just not interested” in her, but she could “stick around” if she wanted to. Kody’s proposal didn’t sit well with Meri, who decided she didn’t want to be with somebody who’d changed his mind about her. While Kody did not want to be open and vocal about where they stood in the relationship, Meri decided she didn’t want to hide the fact that Kody told her he didn’t want to ever have a relationship with her.

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Meri became a victim of a catfishing scandal in 2015, which caused her marriage to Kody to become estranged. Kody found an excuse to blame Meri for his lack of romantic feelings towards her when it was because of him essentially abandoning her and not having a functioning marriage with her, which made Meri feel alone and lonely. Meri had zero physical and emotional intimacy with Kody, and she simply tried to find it somewhere else. Meri was always trying to find a way out of her bizarre relationship with Kody.

Sister Wives Celeb Christine Brown Is Thriving Without Kody

Christine may have previously thrived in her infamous polygamous relationship with Kody, but she’s undeniably living her best life now and is happy in her new marriage. Christine is living a life free from Kody’s influence. She’s happy in love with David Woolley, who she married in October 2023. Christine’s relationship with David is healing her. She loves the fact that she doesn’t have to do anything to “earn” David’s love as she had to do with Kody. Christine is traveling, has lost weight, and even wears shorts now, something that was restricted by the strict rules of her Sister Wives past life.

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