Sister Wives: Did Robyn Get A Nose Job?

Sister Wives star Robyn has always been a controversial member of the Brown family. She has always been accused of being the person who loves drama and takes initiative in causing it. However, it seems that this time, the allegations against the celeb are a bit different.

Recently, some eagle-eyed viewers compared her current looks to her debut and came to the conclusion that Robyn got a nose job! This was a shocking claim, and fans are still in disbelief! Did Robyn really get a nose job? Why didn’t she tell the world about it?

Sister Wives: Did Robyn Alter Her Nose? But Why?

A nose job is something that is really common for reality TV stars to get. There have been several stars that traveled around the globe just to get a picture-perfect nose. Amid all this, Sister Wives viewers were quick to notice a major difference in Robyn Brown’s nose.

Some Sister Wives fans were quick to take this matter to Reddit and discussed the possibility of Robyn going under the knife just to get a perfect nose. The OP compared her features to a picture that was clicked a few years back. In the noted collage, the difference was evident.

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Sister Wives

Apparently, Robyn seemed to have a slimmer nose, and the shape also appeared to be a bit different from the previous seasons. The OP stated, “I almost did not catch this, but Robyn got a new nose.” The thread further complimented her as the results of her surgery seemed to be really amazing!

But it appears that many Sister Wives viewers believe otherwise. Someone pointed out that it is just a matter of “good lighting” on her face. Another one explained, “Same nose, different lighting, angle, and makeup.” Someone further noted that Robyn’s facial expressions are also different in both pictures.

In the first one, she had creases all over, while the other one seemed to be a relaxed one. Hence, there was a fair chance that just because of the facial expression and lighting, viewers felt that Robyn got a nose job.

Sister Wives: Will Robyn Also Part Ways With Kody Now?

Robyn Brown is the only one who is still living with Kody. She is disheartened because of the ruined family dynamics, as she now has to be in a monogamous marriage with Kody Brown. The celeb even admitted that the latter had tried his best to sabotage their marriage while she was doing everything to save the relationship.

But it seems that viewers are now convinced that Robyn will also soon end up leaving Kody. These rumors were further confirmed when the latter talked about his pact with his fourth wife. During the recent Tell All segment, the former polygamist revealed that he has an agreement with Robyn.


Kody explained to Sukanya that he and Robyn had agreed that they would end up parting ways if they stopped being in love. They stated that they wouldn’t be dragging each other at all. This was a shock for the entire fan base as they never expected this love-dovey couple to have a pact like this.

Apparently, this came after Kody had confirmed having thoughts about leaving Robyn in the past. So, there is a possibility that the latter also has some hidden plans that will soon come to the forefront

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