Sister Wives: Christine’s Daughters Refuse To Call David Their Stepdad!

Christine Brown’s daughters always supported her during the highs and lows of her life. All her children had been on her side during her messy split with Kody Brown. Moreover, they cheered for their mother after she started dating again. TLC gave a present to the Sister Wives audience on New Year with the wedding special episodes of Christine and David.

Fans have been excited to watch the reality TV star walking down the aisle with the man of her dreams. She has been making headlines these days for her fairytale wedding with David Woolley. Christine’s daughters were also excited to see their mom living her best life. Recently, they revealed that they won’t be calling David their stepdad.

Sister Wives: Christine’s Daughters Feel “Stepdad” Isn’t The Right Word For David!

David and Christine have been showing off their romance on social media for around a year. Christine introduced her new partner in February 2023. Ever since then, fans have been rooting for the couple and their bond. Finally, the pair decided to give fans a peek into their fairytale wedding. Recently, TLC shared the first episode from their Sister Wives wedding special episode.

In it, all of Christine’s daughters were discussing their mother’s wedding. Aspyn Brown was spotted saying, “I wouldn’t call him that,” when asked if she would refer to David as her stepdad. She went ahead to explain that he was her mom’s husband, and that word sounded foreign to her. Aspyn said, “Everyone’s just family,” while Ysabel added, “Let’s just say family.”

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Later, Kody also appeared on the screen and discussed his youngest daughter, Truely’s thoughts. The Sister Wives star said, “Truely is the youngest [of the kids]. She’s old enough, I don’t think she’ll ever call him dad or stepdad.” However, it didn’t matter to the Sister Wives polygamist. Kody thought that it was all his daughters’ choice.

Later, the episode also featured a sweet conversation between Christine’s daughters about her wedding. They were expressing their happiness on seeing their mom getting married. Meanwhile, Truely admitted that nothing would change in her life as she was already living with the couple in the same house.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Gets Tearful On Christine’s Wedding!

Janelle Brown has been living her single life since parting ways with Kody Brown. She has a special bond with her best friend, Christine Brown. The two stayed together even after breaking ties with the Brown family. The latter has been starring in her wedding special episode around this time.

Recently, TLC shared a new teaser to showcase Janelle’s happiness at her best friend’s wedding. She was spotted holding a microphone to express her feelings on Christne’s big day. Janelle was glad to be a part of her wedding. She stated, “I’m not gonna cry,” before wiping off her tears. Sister Wives fans are eager to see more and can’t wait for the next episode.

Janelle thanked Christine and David for making her a part of their wedding. Fans were happy to see the bonding of the two best friends. Also, they praised Christine for publicly introducing her Sister Wife to her wedding guests

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