Sister Wives: Christine Reveals If She Wants To Patch Things Up With Kody & Robyn!

Christine and Robyn were never on the same track. Fans hardly saw the Sister Wives agreeing on a single topic. They often spotted the two accusing each other of numerous issues.

Meanwhile, the polygamist and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, have been blaming Christine for the family disintegration. Recently, the latter opened up about her thoughts on patching up things with Robyn. Will she?

Sister Wives: Will Christine Agree To Fix Things With Robyn?

The Brown family dynamics have changed completely after the departure of Christine, Janelle, and Meri. Robyn and Kody have become the ultimate villains for the family fallout in the eyes of viewers. Christine has been enjoying her new life these days with her new husband, David Woolley.

She has also become quite upfront these days about her relationship with her ex-husband and the Sister Wives. Recently, Christine appeared on the third episode of Tell All. The host asked the star about her thoughts on reconciling with Robyn Brown.

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The reality TV star gave a straight reply to Sukanya and said, “I’m not willing to fix it yet.” She went on to highlight the outlandish comments that Robyn made. The TLC celeb stated, “I am not interested in fixing anything right now.”

She added, ”With the kids? Yes. But with Kody and Robyn? No, not yet. No.” Christine went ahead to claim that she doesn’t trust her ex-husband and his fourth wife anymore. Christine claimed that she was just being honest and real by accepting that she wasn’t ready to patch up with Robyn.

She even accused Kody of saying one thing and doing the other. Well, Christine has made it clear that she has no plans to mend things with Robyn.

Sister Wives: Christine Slams Robyn Brown For Her Double Standards!

Christine Brown is done with Kody and his fourth’s wives drama and hypocrisy. She accused Robyn of spending a lot of solo time with her husband while talking about the big family picture.

Christine asked, “How can you say you want the big family picture when he’s over at your house all the time?” Sister Wives fans are aware of the mom of six’s anger about Kody’s favoritism towards his fourth wife

She went ahead to reveal that Robyn convinced all the Sister Wives that she needed to be in the relationship. Further, the TLC star also explained that the latter convinced all of them that she could talk to the patriarch and the others could not.

Christine made it clear that is not willing to mend things with Robyn. But, she had no issues with her kids having a good relationship with Kody’s only wife.

The mom of six also stated that she has no relationship with Meri either and doesn’t know her whereabouts.

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