Sister Wives: Christine & David Signed An Odd Prenup

Christine Brown and David Woolley publicly revealed their relationship earlier this year. They shared their romantic journey with their social media followers for the past few months. Fans have been gushing over Christine’s new love life since her split with Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives star has been keeping her wedding date under wraps for months. However, she surprised her fans in October with their wedding pictures. Fans have been hoping for TLC to bring the couple on a separate spinoff.

The network surprised the audience recently with the announcement of the wedding special episode. Finally, the fans are about to witness Christine’s special day on the TV screens. However, it turns out that the reality TV star had an odd prenup with her husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Talks About The Odd Prenup Before Tying The Knot With David!

Christine Brown remained a crucial part of the Sister Wives series for years. Christine started seeing the red flags in her plural marriage with Kody. She decided to exit from the polygamist setup after feeling like an unwanted person in Kody’s life.

The TLC star found love again and tied the knot with David Woolley. Fans have been rooting for David and Christine’s storyline in the TLC show. Finally, the network gave fans a chance to have a look at their fairytale wedding.

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Christine has been spilling a lot of tea about her love story with the fans in the Wedding Special episodes. The pair met each other through a matchmaking app and clicked instantly.

Christine knew that David was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life on her first date. They fell in love on their third date and started planning for their wedding within just a month.

Recently, she revealed how she made a few things clear in front of David before getting married. The reality TV star told David that Janelle would be a part of the pack he would get once he put the ring on her finger.

She revealed everything about her closeness with Janelle and her kids to David. Meanwhile, Janelle calls herself the “third wheel” in Christine and David’s life. But she was glad to feel more welcomed in their lives.

Sister Wives: Did Christine Get A Nose Job?

TLC’s hit show Sister Wives series has documented all the drama in the Brown Family. Christine Brown was the first one to part ways with Kody Brown. The network has been airing the Look Back episode to feature the family fallout.

Recently, fans noticed a big change in Christine’s appearance in the throwback videos. A fan rushed to the comment section to point out Christine’s nose in the video. The fan noted, “Looks like Christine’s had a nose job…hmmm..”

Several others agreed with the followers and shared their views. They have noticed that the reality TV star’s nose looks more pointed since losing weight. Hence a lot of fans have been supporting Christine that her nose looks changed due to her massive weight loss.

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