Share Shocking: “Sister Wives” star Mariah Brown speaks about being LGBTQ+ in a family and religious upbringing in education.

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown is talking about coming out in a religious upbringing. In the new episode, she gets emotional as she discusses her sexuality and her family upbringing. This was revealed in an exclusive sneak peek of the TLC series. In the clip of the reality show’s new episode airing on Sunday, March 15, Mariah talks and opens about her personal life. She talks about the time since coming out to her family.

Understandably, it’s been very hard on Mariah. She grew up in a polygamous family who’s also deeply religious. She is also the only child of Meri and Kody Brown. Mariah felt a lot of pressure to follow their lead. She leaned on her fiancée, Audrey Kriss, during that time. TV Shows Ace reported about the couple’s thoughts on adopting one day.

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown gets candid on sexuality, family upbringing, and religion

As per Us Weekly, a new clip from the TLC show features Mariah Brown crying as she discusses her sexuality and relationship with Audrey Kriss. It’s a very raw and emotional moment for the 24-year-old. In the clip, Mariah reveals that she hid behind her family’s upbringing to prevent herself from coming to terms with her sexuality.

“In my teens, I felt very devoted to the church that I was raised in,” Mariah says. “I wanted to live polygamy. I think it was a way to protect myself from, like, coming out to myself, really.”

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In tears, Mariah said she’s “grateful” for the way that her family raised her. She added that she’s “grateful for my upbringing,” even though coming to terms with her sexuality was at times “painful.” That’s when the Sister Wives star admitted that it was oftentimes hard for her to be “gay and be religious at the same time.”

Mariah “considered many times” how different her life would be if her family didn’t move to Las Vegas. She reflected that she might have been married “to a man with a few wives,” and would have hated her life.

Talks about coming out to her family

On Sunday night’s episode, Mariah also talks about the moment when she came out to her father, Kody Brown, and his shocking reaction. For most teens and young adults, coming out to their families can be scary and hard. Thankfully, it was easier than Mariah anticipated. That’s because Kody told her he loved her no matter what.

“Right after I came out, my dad, he told me this before but he reiterated to me that he had a conversation with God many years ago and God said, ‘You love, I judge,’” she told Sister Wives producers. “And so all dad was love. That’s all he does with everybody.”

The 21-year-old received support from Sister Wives fans when she came out during a 2017 episode. But it still wasn’t easy being gay and still be a part of her family’s church. Mariah admitted that she feels she must “follow these rules or guidelines,” and there were times when she felt left out of her church community. It wasn’t her church but her family who loved her and appreciated her. They also welcomed Mariah’s relationship with Audrey.

The episode also has some lighthearted moments

During the episode, Mariah revealed to the Brown family that she’s engaged to her longtime girlfriend, Audrey. In the preview clip, she laughed with her love as she recalled the first time that she realized she was gay, as reported by the International Business Times.

“Part of my sexual awakening was when I learned that I liked Audrey, and I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I’m gay,’” she joked.

Nowadays, Mariah is hopeful about her future with Audrey. But the religion that her family comes from sometimes leaves her confused over whether she should focus on her spirituality or her love for another woman. Since coming out, Mariah proposed to Audrey at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

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