Royn’s closest friend, Kendra Pollard, finally breaks the silence about Robyn. It will shock you

Robyn Brown Youtube Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown found a lot of haters for allegedly deliberately being a homewrecker but her friend dissed the idea. Actually, fans know Kendra Pollard of old as she has appeared on the TLC show in the past. Furthermore, she had a lot to say about Meri Brown over the years.

Robyn Brown Is Innocent, Claims Kendra Pollard

‘Sister Wives’ fans doubt very much that Kody’s favorite wife is pure as the driven snow. In fact, they lambasted her for manipulating the other wives and their husband. Right from the start, when Meri divorced Kody, red flags showed up. More recent events make fans even more certain that she planned to marry Kody and chase the other wives away. After all, leaks suggested that she and her kids get everything when Kody passes away.

Robyn Brown has very few fans. Those who do speak up for her on social media are usually accused of being Aurora or Kendra Pollard. At one stage, it was alleged that when she and her friend ran a Facebook group. the two women knew that Meri’s catfish was a female, and neither of them said anything about it. Naturally, that makes people feel that Kendra’s claim of innocence is a bit hard to swallow.


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Robyn Brown Homewrecker Is Fake, Claims Kendra

The Sun reported, that Kendra’s really upset about the homewrecker theories on social media. In their interview with her, she told the outlet, “I want to set the record straight on the fact that everybody is very heavily convinced that Kody actually planned to bring Robyn in to ruin his marriage, that this was kind of a premeditated plan on Kody and Robyn’s part.”Sister Wives Robyn Brown Friend Disses Homewrecker Theories - TLC YouTube

Sister Wives Robyn Brown, Kody Brown – TLC YouTube

“That’s a hundred percent false,” she added. Well, it might be false, but that doesn’t explain Robyn Brown using a photo of Christine and Kody to add her own kids into a portrait picture. Neither does it explain why she felt the need to gaslight Christine when she herself; was a divorcee. Oh sure, she sobbed and claimed she didn’t want to be monogamous, but as she knows her tears feed Kody’s rage, some fans believe that she’s calculated and cold.

All Meri Brown’s Fault?

Robyn Brown apparently never tried to get into the family by contacting Kody. Actually, many fans believe that she contacted him and hunted him down for fame and fortune.  However, Kendra buys into the storyline on TLC that Meri was the sole contact she had with her future husband. Kendra said, “It was an interaction and an introduction through Meri, so the whole idea was Meri’s.”

Do you agree that Kendra Pollard might be right about her friend Robyn Brown’s innocence? Do you really believe that she never manipulated anything and that there was never any intent to get Kody to herself? Sound off in the comments section below

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