Robyn Brown’s Shocking Admission, Hid Truth From ‘Sister Wives’ . Robyn Brown possibly living a double life?

Is Sister Wives star Robyn Brown possibly living a double life?

Now that Season 18 is coming to a close, viewers are learning more and more about the Sister Wives cast members. And it seems like Robyn Brown’s carefully constructed facade is crumbling around her.

The first episode of the Season 18 tell-all is out now. Viewers learned some very interesting things about Robyn Brown during the episode. What exactly did she keep hidden all this time?

Sister Wives fans spot REAL tear drop on Robyn Brown in resurfaced clip after she's slammed for 'fake crying' at reunion | The Sun

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Robyn Brown claims she was keeping her feelings a secret

Since Kody and Robyn Brown tied the knot, it’s been immediately clear to viewers that he favored her above the other wives. Naturally, that caused quite a bit of friction in the other three marriages.

But during the tell-all, Robyn admitted that she was keeping a pretty big secret from the other wives.

The fourth wife confessed that she and Kody always had an intense connection. She alleges she tried her best to downplay it so she wouldn’t make the other wives jealous.

Kody Brown Robyn Brown YouTube
Kody, Robyn-YouTube

All around the world, Sister Wives fans rolled their eyes at her statements. It’s been abundantly clear since the first season that Robyn and Kody were hopelessly in love with one another. Viewers agreed that if Robyn genuinely tried to downplay her feelings, she didn’t try very hard at all.

Sister Wives viewers found Robyn’s portion of the interview to be incredibly aggravating. On top of that, Kody’s claims didn’t do much to make the situation any better.

Kody Brown Robyn Brown YouTube

Kody says he was only ever truly in love with his fourth wife

Brown family patriarch Kody Brown didn’t exactly help the situation during the tell-all episode. He kicked the episode off by saying he loved Robyn because he felt that could be fully vulnerable and true with her. Allegedly, that was something he never felt with the other women.

When this was brought to Robyn’s attention in the tell-all, she said that was new information to her and she only recently became aware of Kody’s feelings about the other wives. Robyn then went on to adamantly maintain that she and Kody tried to hide their love from the rest of the world.

Kody Brown Janelle Brown Christine Brown Meri Brown Robyn Brown YouTube Sister WivesOverall, Sister Wives fans aren’t buying the stories that Kody and Robyn are telling onscreen. With any hope, the next episodes in the tell-all will be more insightful. Fans hope that hostess Sukanya Krishnan will really grill the family members and get more information out of them.

What did you think of the tell-all episode? Were you surprised to hear Robyn’s admission? Share what you think in the comments.

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