Real Reason Robyn Brown Wants OG3 Wives Meeting Off-Screen?

Although Sister Wives Season 18 was a doozie, the Tell-All started slow but has revealed some jewels for the fans. But the season still has one segment left to air: Tell-All Part 4. Many fans believe Suki Krishnan has set the stage to unveil more spicy topics in the upcoming episode. But a sneak peak has been released with Robyn Brown insisting on an off-camera meeting with the original sister wives.

Robyn Brown Needs Sister Wives’ OG3 To Have A Meeting

In a clip of the upcoming Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All Part 4, Robyn Brown and Suki Krishnan are discussing Robyn and Kody Brown’s marital bliss. Admittedly, Robyn tearfully lets out in a trailing voice, “It feels disrespectful to be happy with Kody.” Suki compassionately nods, and then says with a slight laugh of absurdity, “But they want you to be happy.” She emphatically continues, “They all sat here and said ‘We want Robyn and Kody to be happy. They have a special relationship.’” Additionally, Suki said each individual, Meri, Christine, and Janelle had specifically told her they wanted them to enjoy what they have. But Robyn, crying immediately replies, “They haven’t shared it with me off-camera.”


Robyn Brown Talks About What She Needs To Satisfy Her

Following, Suki clarifies, “Do you need to hear that from them to be able to be purely happy with Kody.” In reply, Robyn Brown says multiple times, “Yes.” She then elaborates, “I need it off-camera, to my face. Because I don’t know how…” But she trails off and picks back up with, “It feels like it is disrespectful to his kids. It feels disrespectful to the commitments I made,” then she lets out a large sigh and quickly reaches for a tissue. Afterward, Robyn describes her commitment to them and their kids remains intact. She then expresses she doesn’t “know how to break it.” Suki interprets that Robyn wants a conversation with the other sister wives to “release” her and allow her to be free from those covenants.

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A Reddit user responds to a new clip for Sister Wives Season 18 Tell-All Part 4 about Robyn Brown needing a meeting. In the post, the commenter captions: “Due.” Then extends the post saying, “She wants them to submit and acknowledge that SHE won. She wants to see them admit that she is the one on top.” Nevertheless, fans were there for it and had many things to say:

  • One commenter sarcastically says, “Imagine being married to Kody and thinking you won.” To which someone else posts a meme with uncontrollable laughter pictured.
  • Another shares their thoughts, “She wants them to admit that they still think about Kody, and acknowlege that she got him and they didn’t.

    Nah, she’s just setting up a story line for next season. They don’t think about her at all unless she brings it up. Must make her crazy.”

More Comments From Sister Wives Fans

  • More comments roll in about Robyn Brown’s stance, “Why is it up to the OG3 to give her permission to be happy. She’s a grown-a** woman. If you want to be happy, you don’t need permission from anybody. And, if they sitting down and saying to her face it’s ok to be happy, she’s more pathetic that I thought. She has her husband, her kids, a comfortable life, so let’s say Christine and Meri tell her to be happy, but Janelle says ‘stay miserable! I will never forgive how you manipulated things and destroyed Kodys relationship with my kids You stole my money, and my retirement. No b*tch, stay miserable!’ Would 2 out of 3 work for Robyn????” And someone else adds, “I’d pay good money to hear Janell say that to Robyn! Btw….. you KNOW Kody would have to be there holding Robyn’s hand….. cause she has anxiety and feels unsafe!”
  • Additionally, another commenter contributes, “Robyn wants this from the OGs, the second they offered a face-to-face, she would say she doesn’t think Kody would think it’s safe and she would have to decline the invite.” Laughingly, a different user adds, “She’d want to do it via zoom! Lol.”

What do you think about the clip from the upcoming Sister Wives Tell-All Part 4 about Robyn Brown? Do you think Meri, Christine, and Janelle would agree to a sit-down to “release her?” Drop your comments below. We’d love to hear what you think!

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