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When some of the Brown kids from Sister Wives reached adulthood, they, like most people, began to view their family differently from childhood. Notably, Janelle and Kody Brown’s oldest daughter Maddie Brown is now speaking out about Kody’s mental state. Additionally, she talks about how Kody isn’t involved with her kids.

Maddie Brown, Sister Wives

Making Room For The New

As Sister Wives followed the lives of Kody and his four wives, the world has also seen the eighteen Brown kids change over the years. Among the clan is Janelle Brown’s oldest daughter, Maddie Brown. During the show, viewers saw her grow up on screen. She is the fourth child of Kody Brown and was the first one of the kids to go into a marriage of their own. But as time marches on, her perspective on the family has changed. Additionally, with her union with her husband Caleb, and the addition of three beautiful children, she has different decisions to make on her family’s behalf.

Maddie Brown’s Division With Kody

While the division between Christine and Kody was unfolding, Kody mentions in Sister Wives, that Maddie Brown had stopped reaching out. “I do not know what happened. But during the breakup with Christine [Brown], Maddie stopped reaching out to me,” Kody says during the TLC series. “Might have been COVID or I have no idea what was going on, but she quit reaching out to me.”

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Maddie Brown Craves Stability

Although Kody correlates the distance being related to Christine, Maddie Brown has talked about it being due to the inconsistency she has with her dad. She never knew which side of her dad she would get, the reasonable or the extremely explosively angry side. Undeniably, Kody in the show seems to have ulterior motives for most of his actions. Unfortunately, it seems that Maddie has witnessed many interactions in which she sees him manipulating others. Admittedly, as Maddie left the home and grew on her own she says she craves peace and stability. Additionally, she plans to stay in North Carolina and doesn’t want her family in a constant state of upheaval.

Somewhat Basic With Jayme and Kylie

On the Somewhat Basic podcast in November, Maddie Brown revealed her stance on allowing Kody Brown to be around her kids. In Somewhat Basic With Jayme and Kylie, Maddie talks candidly about the strained relationship with her father. While Maddie admits that Janelle and Christine are very involved with her kids, she also discusses that Kody is not. Then she points out that both Janelle and Christine make lots of effort to be present in their lives. Admittedly, she says she isn’t going to make someone put in effort.

Then she continues pointing out that it is a huge opportunity to get to be in their lives and referred to it as a “gift” to have this time. When the show host cautiously asked, “Do they know who your dad is? Would they recognize him?” Maddie answers, “They don’t. They don’t recognize him.” She says if someone makes an effort and they are a “healthy sane person” she will let them be a part of her kids’ lives. However, she recognizes that she isn’t going to force people to step up and be involved. Additionally, she gets concerned about people being inconsistent in her kids’ lives. She doesn’t want to explain why someone doesn’t show up for them.

Maddie Brown Questions Kody’s Mental State

When Maddie Brown discusses Kody she says that even as family members, “You’re not entitled to have a relationship with my children.” Notably, she directly says that there is a lot of heartache with Kody and she wants to protect her kids from that. Consistency is key to Maddie raising her kids in a healthy environment. Unquestionably, she is setting boundaries in an area where she sees concern with Kody Brown’s mental state. And Maddie is the first of the kids to discuss Kody’s mental health publicly. Some of the kids have spoken about his gaslighting, but most just dance around the idea that he isn’t mentally stable.

  • One viewer’s comment around the time of the podcast calls out Kody, “The most consistent thing Kody has done is be a deadbeat. That is his legacy.”



What do you think about Maddie Brown’s stance on Kody Brown? Do you think Kody will make the effort needed to be consistent in Maddie and the family’s lives? Did you watch part 1 of Sister Wives Wedding Special? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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