How Robyn Brown Made Relationships & Divorces About Herself

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is getting called out for making things about herself. There have been multiple instances of the 45-year-old’s suspicious actions during the Brown family’s big events. Recently, some Reddit users listed some of the things she had made to be the center of attention. Keep reading to see what they have to say about the fourth wife.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Makes The Decisions

Robyn has been dubbed Kody’s favorite wife for years. There are also speculations that she’s been making most of the major decisions in the family, which has only benefited her and her children. One of which was their relocation to Flgastaff in order for her adults to go to the college they wanted. But it wasn’t the only thing that frustrated many. Some Reddit users recently called out the Sister Wives star for putting most of the attention on herself.

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Some Redditors discussed Robyn’s questionable actions when it comes to the Brown family’s big events. According to the poster, the Sister Wives star has made Christine’s birth about herself by trying to keep Kody at her house despite the former third wife calling him. The poster also said that she made the kids’ suffering all about herself. “When she pitched a fit because they weren’t immediately jumping up and down for joy over a new baby (which was a typical teen reaction, even in a monogamous home),” the Reddit user added. Here are some of the moments the Redditor recalled.

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  • “Robyn made the holidays about herself – by coming into the family and insisting they do Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc the way she’d always done it instead of melding into the traditions that were already established and trying to add some of her traditions to that.”
  • “Robyn made the family finances about herself by saying from the very beginning that she “didn’t want to be a financial strain,” but never trying to get a job.”
  • “Robyn made Covid about herself – by constantly making it sound like the other family members were gonna kill her or Solomon because they were “high risk” and also by going to the hospital.”

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Made Kody’s Relationships & Divorces About Herself

Aside from big events, the poster also pointed out how Robyn made Kody’s relationships and divorces about herself. According to the Reddit user, she has constantly said she could “speak Kody” and suggested she could mediate their relationship with the patriarch, and it was something that the other wives laughed at.

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At Logan’s she was purposefully late, but not her fault, it was Janelle’s fault for not telling everyone what’s going on, also Meri’s fault for asking her to grab her camera. At Maddie’s wedding her and the kids were sick before the ride down and she was oh so worried about the tenders. Not to mention the sleeping conditions were not to her standards.

It’s clear to see that Robyn is one of the most controversial members of the Brown family. Many also believe that she played a significant role in why the other wives became determined to leave.

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