Gwendlyn Brown and the worst things she has for Kody & Robyn

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown has been open about her family as an adult, sharing her true feelings on the Browns behavior and saying some nasty things.

  • Gwendlyn dislikes watching Robyn on Sister Wives because of the way she treats her family.
  •  Kody and Robyn have irresponsible spending habits, despite making money from the show.
  •  Gwendlyn has a strained relationship with her brother Paedon, who has been physically violent towards her.

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown may not be on the series often, but her thoughts surrounding her family and their behavior on the show have been prevalent in the last several years as she’s opened up online about the Browns. While Gwendlyn’s only featured on the series a few times per season, her appearances nearly always shed light on what it was like to grow up in the incredibly dysfunctional Brown family. During Sister Wives season 18, Gwendlyn shared her genuine feelings about her father, Kody Brown, with some of the rest of her family, but she’s been talking about how she feels about her family in public for years.

Gwendlyn’s life has changed significantly throughout the run of Sister Wiveswhich started when she was only eight years old. The series has shown the dynamics of the Brown family throughout their rise to fame and along the journey of Kody’s marriages breaking apart. Gwendlyn’s mother, Christine Brown, was the first of Kody’s wives to leave during Sister Wives sister 17. Gwendlyn, who has been a longtime proponent of her mother advocating for herself in her marriage, was happy to see Christine break the mold. While Gwendlyn advocates for her family, she’s also said some brutally honest things about them.

8“Watching [Robyn] Makes Me Like Her Less”

Gwendlyn Shared Her Genuine Feelings On Robyn’s Storyline

Sister Wives Robyn Brown

During one of her Sister Wives season 17 recaps, Gwendlyn shared that she doesn’t enjoy watching Robyn on the series. While she understands the entertainment value that comes with Robyn, the way she acts toward the rest of the family isn’t entertaining in real life. “Watching her [on Sister Wives] makes me like her less, for sure,” Gwendlyn revealed in her reaction video to a Sister Wives episode. She shared that Robyn isn’t someone she likes to be around, especially because of the way she speaks about her siblings and her mother on the show. The fact that she shares harsh beliefs about the family on Sister Wives is difficult.

7Kody & Robyn “Have Terrible Spending Habits”

Her Father And Robyn Aren’t Responsible With Their Money

Although it’s something that’s been explored frequently on Sister Wives, Gwendlyn opened up about the fact that Kody and Robyn have some atrocious spending habits in one of her YouTube videos. Gwendlyn shared that while Kody and Robyn make money from their time on Sister Wives, they don’t manage their money well and typically spend outside of their comfort zone. This has been corroborated frequently on the series, as well as by the fact that Robyn and Kody share a home that’s worth nearly $1 million along with the massive plot of land they own with Janelle Brown and Meri Brown.

6Paedon Is “The Most Violent One In The Entire Family”

Gwendlyn’s Brother Has Hit Her In The Past

sister wives paedon brown monster montage green background

Although Paedon Brown is Gwendlyn’s only fully biological brother, she has a difficult relationship that is more often than not, non-existent. Gwendlyn shared in one of her YouTube videos that Paedon has gotten physically violent with her in the past, and made it clear that she doesn’t associate with him after he’s lashed out. On Patreon, Gwendlyn shared that Paedon is “hypocritical for calling Meri out on her supposed violence while ignoring his own. He was, and likely still is, the most violent one in the entire family.” She’s been open about Meri’s behavior in the past, but hearing her compare it to Paedon’s truly shows how strongly she feels.

5“Oh My God, Imagine Your Father Loving You”

Gwendlyn Got Real About Kody’s Love For His Kids

During an episode of Sister Wives season 18, Gwendlyn shared a meal with her brothers Gabe Brown and Garrison Brown along with Christine and Janelle. The group discussed Kody and Robyn at length and Gwendlyn shared that she feels there’s a disparity between the way Kody feels about his older children and the kids he has with Robyn. “Oh my god, imagine your father loving you,” Gwendlyn exclaimed, sharing that she feels happy that the younger kids have a good father in Kody, but she’s never known that sort of relationship with him. Gwendlyn truly doesn’t feel like Kody loves her, which is a sad reality to live in.

4Robyn Told Gwendlyn She “Should Have Saved [Coming Out] For The Cameras”

Gwendlyn’s Sexuality Was A Scheme To Robyn

Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown looking serious and angry

As she got older, Gwendlyn understood more about herself as an adult and decided to share publicly that she was bisexual. In exploring her sexuality outside of the stringent religion she and her family followed in her younger years, Gwendlyn was able to grasp what she felt for others more easily. When she shared the news with her father and Robyn, Gwendlyn shared that Robyn’s reaction was underwhelming. She shared in a YouTube video that Robyn explained she should’ve “saved [coming out] for the cameras” rather than telling them in private, making it clear Robyn is more interested in the Sister Wives storyline than anything else.

3Paedon Brown Is “The Most Awful Person I’ve Ever Had The Displeasure Of Knowing”

The Sister Wives Star Didn’t Hold Back About Her Brother

After getting physically violent with her, Paedon has also made it clear that he isn’t interested in maintaining a relationship with Gwendlyn on his own social media accounts. Tearing her and the rest of his family down on his TikTok, Gwendlyn has shared on her Patreon that her brother is not someone she cares to associate with. “He’s the most awful person I’ve ever had the displeasure of knowing,” Gwendlyn explained. “I would strongly advise against taking anything he says as fact,” she shared, understanding that Paedon shares his beliefs as fact. Though Paedon and Gwendlyn are a few years apart, the chasm between them is a massive one.

2Gwendlyn Believes Kody Is “A Little Cowardly” & Agrees He’s “A Massive Misogynist”

She Shared Her True Feelings About Her Dad

Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown and Kody Brown looking shocked

After some of the comments that Gwendlyn’s heard Kody make during episodes of Sister Wives in the past, she’s been open about the way she feels about her father and his overall behavior. In the comments section of one of her videos on Patreon, Gwendlyn explained that she feels her father is “a little cowardly,” in the way he chooses to handle situations within their family. She also shared positive sentiments with a commenter who called Kody out for being “a massive misogynist,” explaining that she was glad the trait hadn’t made its way into her genetics.

1“For The Last 8 Years, [Robyn’s] Made Herself A Victim”

Gwendlyn Shared She Believes Robyn’s Victimized Herself

Montage of Sister Wives' Robyn Brown

After years of dealing with Robyn’s behavior, Gwendlyn has chosen not to hold back the feelings she has about her father’s only remaining wife. Gwendlyn made it clear that she’s not a fan of Robyn, but has also gone as far as discussing the way her behavior has impacted the family as a whole, sharing how she feels about Robyn’s position in the Brown family. “For the last 8 years, [Robyn’s] made herself a victim,” Gwendlyn shared on an episode of Sister Wives season 18. She explained that Robyn’s presence in the family has made it impossible for her and many of the other Brown children to connect with Kody.

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