Enraged Kody Brown Rebels Against Producers Drops F-Bomb, See Clip

Sister Wives star Kody Brown went off on the producers during the latest sneak peek of Sister Wives: Look Back. TLC’s latest special features the Brown family reacting to their past episodes and talking about how things went south. But it seems that the patriarch couldn’t handle what he saw during his couch session. Keep reading to see what Kody saw that made him mad.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Would’ve Stepped Away

One of the main highlights of Sister Wives: Look Back Part One was the ex-wives emphasizing how Kody’s favoritism caused the family to fail. According to Christine, they were once all treated equally by Kody, but everything changed when Robyn arrived. “I knew they had something different,” she added. Janelle also said that adjustments and pain are expected when adding a new wife.

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But it seems the fourth wife’s arrival hit differently. Meri added that they can be okay with another wife and feel jealous. However, Kody sees it negatively and feels that everyone is complaining about Robyn and their “special” connection. Later in the episode, the fourth wife talked about how she had seen men in plural marriages gravitate toward one or two specific wives. “I always thought it was destructive,” she said, noting that she would’ve backed away if she saw signs of Kody’s favoritism early in their relationship.

Kody Goes Off After Watching The Clip

A new sneak peek for the second part of Sister Wives: Look Back was recently released. It features Kody going off on the producers after watching an old clip about his explosive fight with Janelle that happened during the holidays in 2022. He immediately threw the tablet and said, “F**k it, I’m not watching that again. No! I’m not. Listen, I don’t want to talk about my breakup with Janelle anymore, OK?”

Sister Wives Kody Brown
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Sister Wives: Fans React To Kody Brown’s Behavior

Some Reddit users also reacted to the way Kody reacted to his fight with Janelle. According to some, it’s surprising how he doesn’t want to talk about his breakup with Janelle anymore but won’t stop talking about Christine.

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  • “He doesn’t want to talk about the break up with Janelle anymore, but he won’t stop talking about Christine. Why??” one person said.
  • “I think he feels Christine really sees who he is and Janelle lets things slide and is less apt to hold his feet to the fire or to an expectation. He can’t handle expectations. That’s why he says he didn’t get along with Mary. Too much pressure for him!” another commenter added.
  • “So he won’t watch this clip. Robyn won’t watch the recommitment ceremony clip. Meri didn’t want to watch Robyn’s “Kody is my soulmate” clip, but she did. I think it’s obvious who is not doing what they are being paid for,” another Reddit user said.

Meanwhile, some speculated that Kody Brown still respects Janelle, which is why he doesn’t want to throw hurtful words at her like what he was doing to Christine. Others were also scared by his behavior and asked if the staff around him were protected. “Bruhhhhhhhhh they need security when this man is around!! I’m uncomfortable watching this from afar, I can’t even imagine the producer like right right there,” another person said.

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