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Why Fans Are Supporting Kirsten After Embarrassing Split With Julio?

Kirsten Schoemaker and Julio Moya failed to impress the audience on 90 Day Fiance. They were among the newest pairs of the franchise with a rocky relationship since the start. Fans had been guessing that they wouldn’t make it to the aisle. Sadly, it happened, but fans never expected Julio to behave so terribly with his girlfriend.

He had been hiding his plans to settle down in the Netherlands from his family. But he refused to move out with Kirsten after his mom emotionally blackmailed him. Now, fans are showing immense support for Kirsten for breaking ties with him.

Fans Shower Immense Support To Kirten After Breakup!

Kirsten Schoemaker had been dreaming about her future with Julio in the Netherlands. She was ready to put their issues aside and start a new life with him. However, things turned out nasty between them when the latter stopped taking their relationship seriously.

Moya had been hiding his plans about moving to Kirsten’s native land from his mother. However, the latter got emotional after discovering the truth. Further, the 90 Day Fiance star also started having cold feet, and he began convincing Kirsten to move to the US instead.

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Julio ended the relationship with the Dutch beauty over a video call after she refused to do so. Now, it appears that the fanbase is angry at Moya for hurting his partner. They had already predicted their breakup.

According to Monstersandcritics, 90 Day Fiance fans are in full support of Schoemaker and blasted Julio on Instagram as well. One fan expressed that the TLC celeb deserves so much better and someone who is sure about her.

Meanwhile, another added, “You deserve so much better than Julio. He did you dirty. I don’t like that guy at all!” and called her awesome. Many others joined the suit and lashed out at the American native for embarrassing her on national TV.

90 Day Fiance: Kirsten Calls Out Julio For Lying About Plans To Move Netherlands!

Kirsten and Julio were never on the same page when it came to their plans. They started butting heads over it from the start. He promised his Dutch partner to move to the Netherlands and start their life together. However, he refused at the last moment and broke ties with his girlfriend.

Now, it appears that Kirsten has been exposing his lies. The 90 Day FIance star took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her former BF’s interview. Julio stated that he only watched a few clips of 90 Day Fiance and applying was all Kirsten’s plan.

90 Day Fiance
Kirsten Schoemaker Instagram

Further, the latter circled a conversation in which Moya said, “She said, ‘It’s perfect, you’re moving here.” He went on to state, “It was all of those things that made me think, why not?” Schoemaker decided to call out her ex for the lies and said that she can’t stand it when someone turns everything around.

Also, she stated that the interview was based on a lie because it was Moya’s idea since the beginning to move to the Netherlands. Also, she claimed that she never forced Julio to move out to her native land.

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