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What We Know About Brandan & Mary’s New Baby

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couple Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay revealed they're pregnant. Find out if they've welcomed their baby yet.

  •  Brandan and Mary from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way are expecting their first child after getting married in April 2023.
  •  Mary had a difficult upbringing and both Brandan and Mary had trust issues in their toxic relationship.
  •  There have been rumors that Mary already had a baby, as a baby could be heard crying during a TikTok livestream, but Mary denied it and claimed they are still planning to have a baby.

Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay revealed they’re pregnant on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and here’s everything to know about the couple’s first child. Brandan, 23, from Eugene, Oregon, and Mary, from Candoni, Philippines, met on a dating app two years ago. Mary was recovering from a bad breakup where her boyfriend had cheated on her several times, while Brandan had survived a devastating childhood plus a split from his cheating girlfriend. Mary entered Brandan’s life at his lowest point, but their relationship was far from being perfect. The reality TV couple shockingly talked to each other 24/7 on video calls before Brandan moved to the Philippines.

Mary didn’t want Brandan talking to other women. Brandan decided to settle down with Mary and even gave her $60,000 so she could build them a home. Brandan had just $300 left in his savings account by then. Mary lost her college scholarship when Brandan made her quit dancing out of jealousy. Clearly, they have trust issues in a relationship that was nothing but toxic. After their debut, there were rumors that Brandan and Mary were married and expecting a baby together, which left fans shocked.

Mary wanted to stay celibate until marriage out of respect for her grandparents. However, she broke her tradition by trying to have a baby with Brandan. “I’m happy because I’m having a baby fever. So that’s why I’m being crazy and I really want a baby, right,” the 23-year-old told the cameras. Mary and Brandan got some private time while her grandfather was away for work in Manila. Mary took two pregnancy tests, and they both came back positive. Brandan looked shocked, but Mary wanted to give her all to Brandan.

Brandan & Mary Got Married In April 2023

Brandan wondered if he was able to handle everything on his and Mary’s plate. The first order of business would have been to tell Mary’s grandparents about her pregnancy and then get married immediately. Brandan’s mother posted pictures from the couple’s wedding reception on Facebook on April 28, 2023. Angela confirmed the wedding took place in the Philippines and that it was filmed for 90 Day Fiancé as per In Touch. The photos don’t show Mary’s baby bump, as she may have intentionally tried to hide it. However, Mary was pregnant during the wedding and has recently welcomed her first baby with Brandan.

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Mary Has Given Birth To Her & Brandan’s Baby

In August 2023, Mary did a TikTok live stream (via watchnizer on TikTok) while she was making a protein shake for Brandan. While Mary answered questions, a baby was heard crying in the background. As soon as the baby made the noise, Mary quickly muted her audio. “Who is the baby crying?” a curious viewer asked Mary. “I heard a baby,” wrote another. “I don’t have baby yet,” Mary claimed. “We’re planning to have a baby,” she lied, considering the episode where Mary reveals she’s pregnant hasn’t aired on TV yet.

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