Tori Shares A Wholesome & Rare Picture Of Josiah With Grandpa!

LPBW star Tori’s youngest kid, Josiah, has been creating headlines because of his cuteness. Fans have loved him since day one and are really fond of him as well. Hence, the matrairch makes sure that she never fails to share iconic moments of the star kid’s life.

Recently, she revealed that her son finally took his first step and left the Little People Big World viewers in tears. Tori again did the same and posted a super rare picture of Josiah with her granddad. Fans found it really cute but were quick to notice something concerning in it. What was it? Is Josiah fine?

 LPBW: Tori Shares A Cute Snap Of Josiah With His Grandpa

LPBW star Tori Roloff’s maximum social media content is about her kids. She loves to share the major milestones of her children, and fans follow her for the same. Lately, Jackson and Lilah have been busy as they have started going to school while Josiah gets the opportunity to have his parents all to himself.

Hence, he has been really happy these days, and he recently surprised everyone by taking his first step. Amid all this, fans loved to know that Josiah is not only spending time with her parents but her grandparents as well.

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Recently, Tori took to Instagram and shared a wholesome picture of her father and Josiah. She wished the patriarch his birthday and wrote, “Happy birthday, Daddy.” In the snap, the star kid was looking at his grandfather while the latter grinned at the camera.

It was evident that this duo shared a great bond with each other. Moreover, Josiah also looked really comfortable with Tori’s father. Viewers were quick to notice that the toddler also wore specs, just like his grandfather. It made them look alike, which was a special moment that Tori shared with the LPBW viewers.

LPBW: Fans Wonder Why Josiah Wore Specs! Does He Have Eye Issues Like Lilah?

LPBW star Tori has openly talked about Lilah and her eye issues with her viewers. She has Strabismus, which means that she is “a crossed-eye” person. Hence, the star kid would now need multiple surgeries to cure her hereditary issues.

However, as per Tori, there is a fair chance that Lilah would only have to undergo a single minor treatment, and she would be fine. Amid all this, when fans noticed that Josiah was also wearing specs, they started to wonder if he also had some eye issues, just like his sister. Hence, Tori decided to clear the air beforehand.


Tori took to Instagram, and while she was posting the picture, she revealed the mystery behind Josiah’s specs. She wrote, “No, Josiah didn’t get glasses.” She further explained, “We were trying to make him look like grandpa.”

Fans finally took a sigh of relief as they were happy to know that the star kid wasn’t facing any kind of issues that his sister was dealing with. Moreover, viewers loved the picture and agreed that Josiah was actually resembling his grandfather.

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