TLC’s Liz Johnston Addresses Brice Split Rumors: See Photo

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons star Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston appears to have addressed Brice split rumors with her latest Instagram update. So, were fans right in speculating that Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden have split up? Or, are fans once again just spinning rumors that aren’t true? Keep reading to see what Liz Johnston posted and why fans think she has addressed the rumors.

Fans Worry They Split Up

Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and Brice Bolden welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world on November 3rd. They decided to name their baby girl Leighton. Despite not being married, they also confirmed she would take her father’s last name. Fans thought this was a bold move and suspected it meant wedding bells were in the future for this couple.

Things, however, took a bit of a turn when fans of 7 Little Johnstons realized Liz and Leighton were spending a lot of time at Amber and Trent’s house. In fact, some fans were starting to question if Liz and Leighton were living with Amber and Trent.

Furthermore, fans also noticed that Brice Bolden was not making appearances in any of the photos Liz shared of herself and the baby. Where was he? Did they split up? Fans feared the worst. Some fans even wondered if Amber and Trent drove a wedge between them because they weren’t happy about the baby before marriage.

Fortunately, Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston has just addressed the rumors. Now, she didn’t outright respond to them by saying no she and Brice aren’t breaking up. She, however, did post a photo that made things crystal clear.

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Liz Johnston took to her Instagram to announce she was a little late in saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. She, however, was understandably busy being thankful for her beautiful baby girl.

In addition to Leighton and Liz being in the photo, Brice was also featured. So, this photo quickly shut down any rumors that the couple had split up. In fact, it confirmed they actually enjoyed their first Thanksgiving with their baby girl together. Furthermore, they enjoyed their first family Thanksgiving so much that she initially forgot to share a photo of it.

Check out exactly what Liz Johnston posted down below:

Are you relieved to know Brice Bolden is still in the picture? Why do you think fans were so quick to assume they split up? Share your thoughts in the comments

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