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The Real Reason Statler Can’t Have A Baby With Dempsey

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days alum Dempsey wants to get pregnant and have a baby, but her partner Statler revealed why she doesn’t want that.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star, Statler Riley revealed why she will never have kids with Dempsey Wilkinson, who really wants to get pregnant and have a baby. Statler, 33, from Irving, Texas, was adopted by her family, and as a result, she always felt like the black sheep. Statler was also unsatisfied with her relationships in the U.S. She finally found her soulmate in English girl Dempsey, 29, from Darlington. Statler took a trip to the UK to meet her girlfriend in person. But she moved too fast in the relationship by telling Dempsey she wanted to move in with her permanently.

Statler and Dempsey arrived in Scotland to celebrate Dempsey’s birthday on episode 15. They were driving to Edinburgh for some sightseeing when Dempsey admitted the time she spent with Statler was the happiest she had ever been in a relationship. Dempsey shared she would be devastated if anything went wrong between them. The idea of Statler moving in with her still scared Dempsey, but she was certainly warming up to it the more time she spent with her. While in the car, Statler complimented Dempsey by saying her eyes were the most beautiful besides her own. Statler joked that if they had eye babies, they’d be insanely beautiful.

Dempsey Would Like To Get Pregnant & Carry A Baby

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé: B90's Statler

Statler wondered if they could have “eye sex” and make their own eye babies. “I would carry a baby, I would like to be pregnant,” Dempsey said. This made the color in Statler’s face drain in an instant. Dempsey said she could be a full-time mom. “I think we’d be good parents,” she said. Statler said she wasn’t sure about that because she doesn’t know if she wants kids. Dempsey told the cameras that Statler had told her she was okay with having kids before they met in person. She was surprised with Statler now saying she didn’t want to start a family with her.

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Statler Says She Doesn’t Have A “Maternal Bone” Inside Her

90 Day Fiancé Statler

Dempsey wanted to be on the same page about having kids with Statler before Statler went back to the U.S. or their relationship got more serious. Statler and Dempsey were staying in a castle in Scotland. While having breakfast, Dempsey decided to ask Statler whether she really wanted kids or not. Dempsey believes she can be a god mom, and children make the world a better place. “I don’t know if I want kids, it just seems like a lot of work and a lot of money,” Statler told her. She disagreed with Dempsey wanting a mini-me. Dempsey wanted to adopt and have “one of each.” Statler told her, “I don’t feel like I have the maternal bone inside me.

Statler Claims She Has An “Adoptee Trauma”

Statler reminded 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers that she was adopted the moment she was born, so she’s always felt a part of her was missing. “I still have a lot of adoptee trauma that I have not worked through,” she added. Statler thinks a lot of people go into adoption thinking willing to be hunky-dory, and the kid would be grateful to them. “It’s just not the case,” said Statler. The conversation with Dempsey about kids was triggering to Statler. She thinks if Dempsey wants kids, things would not work between them because she doesn’t really want any children.

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