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The Last Resort Star Kalani Faagata Wants Another Baby ‘This Year’

90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata recently surprised fans while hosting a Q&A on Instagram. Despite rumors that she and Asuelu have split, Kalani told fans that she wants to have another baby “this year” as her biological clock is ticking away.

Previously fans believed that Kalani and Asuelu were over, but fans of the couple are currently watching them in the new TLC spinoff 90 Day: The Last Resort, as they try to save their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé star Kalani Faagata wants another baby

Currently, Kalani Faagata and her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa are giving their marriage another go, while starring in 90 Day: The Last Resort. On the show, it was shockingly revealed that both Asuelu and Kalani had cheated on one another. In fact, Asuelu was the first to mess around and he gave Kalani a “hall pass” which she took him up on by cheating with a man named Dallas Nuez.

90 Day Fiance star Kalani Faagata wants another baby
Kalani Faagata [Image @kalanifaagata/Instagram]

Despite all this, when hosting a recent Instagram Q&A, Kalani was asked by a fan, “Do you want more children?” the 90 Day Fiancé star responded positively, writing:

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My relationship with my mom makes me want a daughter. I’m 35, so I feel like it’d have to happen this year or not at all. But also my boys never stop fighting so.



Asuelu, Kalani and infidelity

Kalani and Asuelu on 90 Day: The Last Resort
Kalani and Asuelu [Image @90dayfiance/Twitter]

In the premiere episode of the new spinoff, 90 Day: The Last Resort, Kalani shocked fans by saying that Asuelu had accepted oral sex from a woman in a bar while visiting his father in Samoa last year. She explained that on a FaceTime call with her husband, he had a white tongue, which is normally a sign of an oral yeast infection called thrush.

Meanwhile, when Kalani wanted to divorce Asuelu, with whom she shares two boys, he offered her a “hall pass” to kiss someone else. Shockingly, not only did she take him up on his offer, but her kiss led to oral sex, followed by the real thing.

Even worse, Kalani explained that she has stayed in contact with the man called Dallas Nuez but she also developed feelings for him. In the episode of August 21, the TLC reality star said:

I took Asuelu up on the hall pass because sexually I’ve only been with Asuelu, and I wanted to see what it was like. But once I got to know this other person better, I ended up liking the other man. So I don’t know.

While on the couples retreat, Kalani blocked Dallas, but in August, a source told The Sun that Kalani and Dallas were getting serious and were planning to “move in together.” In fact, in late August, Kalani appeared to confirm this fact by sharing an Instagram profile image that seemed to reveal half of Dallas’ face.

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