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‘The Last Resort’: Kalani Accuses Asuelu Of Rape

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort is going strong. Kalani Faagata and her husband Asuelu Pulaa are on the show and brought their children along with them. Today Kalani went to her Instagram Story and shocked people by accusing Asuelu of raping her. So what did she have to say?

Kalani And Asuelu’s Cheating Issues

During 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort it was revealed that Asuelu had been cheating. He let a woman give oral to him and then ended up with a yeast infection in his mouth. He also cheated with several women by messaging them. After doing this, he told Kalani that it would be fine for her to have a hall pass and kiss someone else. She took it one step further and ended up sleeping with them. She has stayed in contact with this man, but isn’t being honest with Asuelu about what is going on.

In new accusations against Asuelu, Kalani Faagata is saying that her husband raped her. She went to her Instagram Story today to share what allegedly happened. It doesn’t sound like she has gone to the police about this just yet. She started out by saying that she has had enough of the hate mail that she is getting. It was revealed that she is getting rape and death threats and she is done with it.

After that, Kalani went on to reveal that she didn’t have a one-night stand with Asuelu and that they got pregnant with their first son on purpose almost a year after they met. She also said that her parents don’t support her and that she doesn’t live with them.

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The next part of her post was what shocked everyone. Kalani then went on to accuse Asuelu of raping her when she got pregnant with their second child. She said that she was held down and that he later apologized for it. Messages have been sent to her to keep her legs closed and she said that they were forced open. She went on to explain that nobody knows the people that they watch on television. She also accused him of sexual assault several times and said that it was video taped. So far, Asuelu hasn’t responded to these accusations.

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